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    Physical products affiliate networks

    Hi, In the past I made some nice money from Ecommerce (Facebook->shopify->aliexpress). but right now Im looking for some good networks that will manage all the logistic side of my business (Shipping mostly). Does anyone know a good affiliate network for physical goods? Thanks.
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    My way of monetizing pop ads - what can I improve

    Hi, I would like to ask the guys that generating here revenues from pop traffic. more about the strategy they use to test campaigns. But first I tell about my strategy: In order to collect my own push subscriber list, I tried this vertical: 1) Dating 2) Adult 3) Sweepstakes - iPhone / Amazon I...
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    Profitable adult/dating affiliate networks?

    Hi, any recommendations for profitable adult / dating niches affiliate networks? thanks.
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    Collecting push subscribes with pop traffic

    Hi guys, I think I didn't tell you but atm im working on software that collecting push subscribers, the idea is similar to other services that doing that like Onesignal just the difference is that it created more for collecting web pushes and show which push gives higher ROI and is more targeted...
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    Some one got breakeven from monetizer push revshare program?

    Yesterday i just ran campaigns for tier 3 countries on Monetizer push raveshare smartlink. I'm just interested if someone got breakeven / even close to that from their smartlink? My ROI right now is -76% Thanks.
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    How to monetize my traffic?

    Hi, I have a general landing page for collecting subscribers for push notifications (I created a system that is pretty similar to Onesignal and I'm collecting push leads there). After my users are accepting / not accepting my push notification I forward them to an affiliate from monetizer. I'm...
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    Now that I have profitable campaign, how do I scale?

    I have profitable campaign, yesterday about 60% ROI and today about an 40% ROI. I think I should wait more? how do I scale in case that I see that campaign keep being profitable? thanks.
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    I'm using Bemob to direct link to monetizer but not conversion not recorded on Bemob

    I asked Bemob support and they keep just forwarding me to tutorials they have, and its not helping. But when I'm getting conversions I do not see them on Bemob tracker... I only able to see the visitors that comming and not the conversions. I installed click_id, just copied the offer link and in...
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    PPV Skype mastermind

    Hi, I'm looking to create skype mastermind for guys that buying Pop/Push traffic. If you are interested please add me on skype - omerbenshushan. thanks.
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    How do you find winning offer?

    Hi, I'm mostly using DOI/SOI offers or SMS confirmations offers. The ones that I do get conversions are not even close to break even. My questing is, how do you guys finding good offer to promote? are you opening 10 campaigns in same time and then break down? thanks.
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    How can i test if bemob tracker gets conversions from mobidea?

    I have a campaign on Mobidea, and I want to test that when ill get conversion it will show up on mobidea. what is my possibilities? Thanks.
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    My intro

    Hi, My name is Omer - I'm from israel I started from facebook - shopify dropshipping. now this days I'm interested on learning POP traffic. I found this forum from this Youtube video - Which is the only one that clearly explaining how to use Bemob tracker (I tried with their skype support +...