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Search results

  1. mohh nor

    Good network COD offers

    Hi all Can you recommend any good networks work good with COD offers with a good approve rate, no Adcombo
  2. mohh nor

    tracking configuration voluum

    Hi all today i start use Voluum but i have some issues how I can configuration postback status with Adcombo COD offer like this
  3. mohh nor

    kintura with Adcombo

    hi all I start using Kintura, thank u @Nick to mega guide there is a problem in tracker conversion and hold order isn't recorded also, I tried to change URL with my domain, but nothing happens
  4. mohh nor

    Revcontent tracking

    hello everyone It started weeks ago with Native ads but there a big problem on Revcontent how I can track CPC cost on my tracker, everything recorded only CPC can't track it how I can track costs automatically?
  5. mohh nor

    some idea to start MGID

    hey everyone i really signed up with @MGID today, budget 500$ to starting and have some questions ` MGID well be good with weight loss and diet? how many times gets to ads approved? can i add sites and source traffic blacklist? also here and don't understand, will pay 0.03$ or 3$ for a click...
  6. mohh nor

    Adcombo admin

    anyone here admin or work on Adcombo most offers not to work and sent to account manager don't get any reply its so bad manger there
  7. mohh nor

    best push notification service

    hello all i have a lot of push notification subscribers on OneSignal and there is a very high price monthly paid about 800$ for 400k users which the best another service I can use it? there is any script that can work the same OneSignal?
  8. mohh nor

    help to issue tracker

    hey all, I have launched offers with RichPush I have some conversion, but I don't see any conversion in a tracker Bemob tracker settings https://prnt.sc/psrq1q
  9. mohh nor

    revcontent widget target

    hello all how I can target widget id only? example: I want to target this id only 66161,16682,119919,518181, in old, I can see that but now isn't available, here https://intercom.help/revcontent2/advertisers/boost-optimization/revcontents-widget-optimizer
  10. mohh nor

    revcontent ads approval

    hello all i joined to revcontent network but I have some problem my ads under review from 7 days ago, that is normal?
  11. mohh nor

    which is the better network push ads ?

    hello I a new started with push ads, I try propeller ads but I don't get any good result, only clicks I'm looking for best push notification network with target CPA?