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  1. superwarrior

    Follow Along Popcash + iMonetizeIt Adult Smartlinks + BeMob

    🎯 Traffic Source: popcash 🔧 Tracking Tool: bemob ✅ Affiliate Network: Imonetizeit 👍 Type of Offer: Gaming Smartlink 💰 Offer Payout: variable$ 🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I am not gonna give up! budget will be $50 for this and optimize and increase the budget later...
  2. superwarrior

    hundred's of zone ID's with conversion but $0 payout ?

    is this possible? was using monetizer smart link with pop ads i have like hundreds of conversions with zone id's where there are no revenue at all $0.00 ? is this normal for smart links ? can anyone advise why the discrepancy ? network side said their stats are correct ....
  3. superwarrior

    Follow Along PPV + Smart link

    starting a follow along so track my own progress . learnt from lukes ppv + smartlink case study and followed it I'm really new to doing follow along and also my first time running traffic to monetizer so if I miss out anything pls do advise . offer : smart link from monetizer traffic...
  4. superwarrior

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have spent ard 2k+ on running campaigns but hve not profitable till now am not sure if 2k is alot to spend on traffic but it is to me . i see most people spend several hundred bucks in another thread to get their campaigns profitable . i am not sure where im going/doing wrong , previously i...
  5. superwarrior

    can pls advise on fb pixel being placed on affiliate network side ?

    hi , can u guys pls advise , for my conversion pixels for facebook , one of the pixels which is the conversion pixel i wont be able to track as i need to place the pixel on the thank u page , however my AM mentioned that he can place the pixel on the network side . pardon the silly question ...
  6. superwarrior

    any free online tool that allows mass checking of URLs that are backlinking to website ?

    as above any free online tool that allows mass checking of URLs that are backlinking to website ? appreciate input
  7. superwarrior

    my sister's Facebook ad account got restricted ... and she didnt break any rules

    my sis is a real estate agent and she runs fb ads recently fb just blocked her account without any reason ( she didnt break any of their rules ) its goddamn hard to get to fb staffs and they arent replying to her request to unblock her fb ad account she has lots of her customer testimonials...
  8. superwarrior

    How do u guys deal with unknown variable?

    was looking at my data and saw this city unknown , state unknown , support staff says its likely due to VPN being used . what could hve been the cause of this ? so this data is useless... how do u guys deal with data like these ? i mean we cant optimize the traffic with unknown ...
  9. superwarrior

    Lander Error pop up when hosted , but runs fine when opening on desktop

    hey guys , used a lander from adplexity , on desktop its opening fine however when hosted on s3 , its showing this im a pretty IT noob , so is there any simple way to fix this lander ? thanks
  10. superwarrior

    Confused about postback Timestamp

    Im kinda confused by these 2 , visit / postback timestamps is it correct to say that i should optimize campaign based on visit time stamp ( as that is the time visitor comes to the campaign ) and if its postback time stamp its not too accurate as the visitor may come back 1,2,3 or more days...
  11. superwarrior

    Does this make sense ? Removing Obsolete OS ?

    guys do u all do this ? eg if u are running a campaign on laptop , u remove windows vista , windows 7 and other super old OS as most i would say 90% arent using these anymore ? \ or do u just leave all when starting new campaign ? appreciate any inputs
  12. superwarrior

    Propeller ads warning

    theres this warning sign ( pls see attached) do i need to worry about this ? im hosting landers on Amazon S3+ Cloudflare Im sending india traffic , but im using the tokyo bucket . this is the first time im see this error msg though ( have ran alot of india traffic before with with URL but...
  13. superwarrior

    Difference between User Agent + Browser ?

    I came across this in my tracker , showing user agent mozilla 5.0 , but when i clicked on browser tab , its showing Chrome Browser the question is , should i just ignore the user agent ? i mean its showing mozilla , is that considered firefox ? silly question , should i ignore the user...
  14. superwarrior

    Optimizing and spending 3-5 times payout

    guys , i like to know , after spending 3 -5 times the payout and i don't get a single conversion , should I stop and go for another offer ? i am currently running an offer and have 4 ad types , 2 landing pages . Im not too sure when i should stop the traffic , if the payout is $6 , i...
  15. superwarrior

    using s3 to host landing pages in middle east

    i be hosting a landnig page in europe . however is it ok to use a bucket in the USA? or should i create a new one in middle east ? oh wait middle east is disabled .... what should i do ? PS- can anyone point me to the thread where someone had a guide on how to setup the bucket in s3...
  16. superwarrior

    How is yr experience with MGID traffic ?

    seems they are pretty strict with their approval for landers , no adult pictures / no doctor claims etc however hows yr experience with their traffic so far ? i have spent around 200+usd , seems to be converting but not as well as i like them to be ... hope to hear some feedback as i have...
  17. superwarrior

    Gambling / Casino offers network?

    hey guys , which reliable and trusted networks have good gambling and casino offers ? also offer easy payment without much hassle and weekly payouts ? thanks alot!
  18. superwarrior

    Anstrex or Adplexity ?

    was looking to get either one of them what are your thoughts and reviews on each of them ? which one has pro / cons ? cheers
  19. superwarrior

    How do u guys setup yr prelanders for adcombo ?

    adcombo has their own landing pages ... what i used to do was choose the prelander and then lander , after it will auto change my tracking URL ( circled in green) so if i send traffic to the tracking URL , they will see the prelander and then the offer page if they decide to click on the offer...
  20. superwarrior

    what do u all use to edit a URL on a prelander /landing page

    hi guys , what do u all use to edit a URL on a prelander /landing page ? i used to use purelander however my account expired and was looking for any alternatives ( better if its free as im trying to cut on cost for more ad spend ) thank u