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  1. AlphaGolf

    Newbie Questions About Push Notification

    Thanks. I saw that. However, I'm still confused. I'd love to see specific newbie examples in the context of push/pop/native...
  2. AlphaGolf

    Newbie Questions About Push Notification

    I would love to see an example of how to use this site
  3. AlphaGolf

    propeller ads coupon anyone?

    Hi, I had several codes. none seems to work anymore. anyone have a coupon code for getting some extra when funding the account? tnx!
  4. AlphaGolf

    affiliate commissions for my own account?

    no. I mean that most people just click on links not know that some affiliate will be getting a commission as a result. Since we DO KNOW that. Can we create a link for ourselves to use? so we get back part of the monthly subscription fees.
  5. AlphaGolf

    Do SOI optins end up in spam?

    Is deliverability of SOI worse than that of DOI? Is sending to these emails likely to end up in the spam folder?
  6. AlphaGolf

    campaigns using purchased/scraped email lists

    Is adding bought/scraped emails to a CPA offer email blast still an option?
  7. AlphaGolf

    affiliate commissions for my own account?

    What's the best way to get the commissions for Saas products that I want to use personally? (e.g. Clickfunnels)
  8. AlphaGolf

    First hires for a profitable affiliate business?

    What do u think the first hires should be in order to build a business out of affiliate marketing? Any tips on payments/incentives etc? are there any guides on this in the forum or elsewhere u can recommend?
  9. AlphaGolf

    wordpress theme for a (eCom) listicle website?

    I'm trying to build a niche website that will include several eCom offers. I was thinking of creating a listicle on the homepage where each post links to an affiliate presell page. Any suggestions for a WordPress theme/setup?
  10. AlphaGolf

    page builder A/B test alongside tracker

    So there is no advantage to doing the A/B by the page builder? is it better to create separate pages and let the tracker do the testing?
  11. AlphaGolf

    page builder A/B test alongside tracker

    Some page-builders (e.g clickfunnels, Getresponse, Convertri, etc) offer A/B testing of pages. How do you run the test alongside a tracker? Can the tracker figure out the winner?
  12. AlphaGolf

    Are u using the main image?

    I'm new to push. I know some marketers don't bother adding the main image and only add the icon image. Is that universal? When should u use the main image?
  13. AlphaGolf

    WANTED: browser extension CPI offers

    Can anyone point me to a chrome extension offer? I remember there was one called "search dimension" and other similar ones but they didn't answer emails.
  14. AlphaGolf

    traffic: Direct deal with publisher

    yes, that's my intention. What's would be the best way to implement it?
  15. AlphaGolf

    the elusive 1K/day

    Are you too a knowledgeable affiliate marketer, stuck at 100-200/day? what stopping you from reaching the 1K/day? cashflow? team? offers? expertise? other?
  16. AlphaGolf

    traffic: Direct deal with publisher

    Say I could reach out to some website owners that get decent traffic with an audience that I would like to advertise to. What would a good proposal look like when approaching such a website owner? how can it be done technically?
  17. AlphaGolf

    Hi there

    Hi. New to the forum. I have an agency doing client web work, now trying to shift to affiliate marketing only. Determined to crack the code to consistent profitability. So far I've played with all traffic sources & verticals. Now trying to focus. Any tips welcome. AG btw-seeking someone for a...
  18. AlphaGolf

    Binom: lander integration or not?

    Anyone using Binom? Are u hosting the landers externally or integrating them in Binom? if so why? I'm trying to understand what's best.... tnx