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  1. nitin

    🤑 Push-Optin Landers : Version 2020 🤑🔥

    Hey everyone, A year back I released push-optin lander pack which was appreciated by a-lot of people in this thread: https://afflift.com/f/threads/🤑-get-the-latest-push-optin-landers-🤑.2700 The landers are amazing and to be honest are still seen running on spy tools (running over for a...
  2. nitin

    Ad + Lander Advice from PPC Master JackySan

    Hey guys, So I was trying to promote a product on bing "Wifi UltraBoost". It is a device used to increase wifi speed. I had 2 sales initially but then it stopped selling and was just draining money. As always, I pinged PPC Master @JackySan for advice. First to lay down the context, here were my...
  3. nitin

    Landing Page Translation Tool

    Do you know of any good tool where I could upload my lander and pass it to my translator and she could just edit its front-end text and replace English text with her language translations and finally I could download the same lander? That will be a lot more efficient.... Now I put translations...
  4. nitin

    Follow Along Evadav Push Follow-along

    So I will be using @Evadav as my traffic source and buying its push inventory. I deposited $100 (and got $30 as bonus..yeahh!!). I will be promoting a PIN submit offer in a European country (cannot go into offer details). Offer Payout: $11 Tracker: @Landingtrack Both the offer, my lander...
  5. nitin

    Guide The Complete Guide to Setting up Your First Ever Affiliate Campaign.

    Most people when just getting started in affiliate marketing are overwhelmed with the amount of work they need to do/learn. And it definitely looks a little hard when just getting started. So I thought to create a guide on how to set up your first campaign. You will find it useful only if you...
  6. nitin

    How to rank fiverr gigs and get customers from there?

    Anyone with experience doing the same?
  7. nitin

    🤑 Get the Latest Push-Optin Landers 🤑

    Everyday I would have one or the another affiliate sending me push-optin landers to rip and clean. So I thought to end this all and provide everyone a chance to try these landers at a far cheaper price. So here are 2 packs which includes most of the famous landers and some other landers I found...
  8. nitin

    What to do at an affiliate marketing event? How to make the most out of it?

    (and what not to do, if any)
  9. nitin

    Any way to find from which network a particular network is re-brokering offer from?

    I am running an offer in monetizer which is going well. In monetizer the offer payout in $0.28. But as far as I know these offers on monetizer are put by affiliates like us from other networks. I looked around in a few networks to find that offer but could not find it. I found that same offer...
  10. nitin

    Monetizer Dayparting Query

    So this offer says Day Parting as 0-23 UTC. Does this mean that it will run during this time or will it not run during this time. If it means it will run, then it is not running now (as shown "dayparting in effect"). But if it means that this is the time, it will not run, then it has converted...
  11. nitin

    Follow Along Zeropark-Kintura Followalong

    So I asked my am to recommend me a dating offer that is doing well at the moment. So came out with an offer with €3.35 SOI (Mobile). So I also asked him for the desktop/tab version of the same offer. I then ripped a lander from adplexity for the same geo that was performing well and edited it a...
  12. nitin

    Anyone tried paypercall offers with zeropark keyword campaign?

    I want to keep working with zeropark traffic but want atleast a little targetting. So looking into keyword campaigns. @Zeropark
  13. nitin

    Your experience: Fiverr v/s Google Translate?

    How has been your experience with Google translate and fiverr? (Comparison)
  14. nitin

    🔥 All Your Landing Problems End Here🔥 🤑

    Struggling with cleaning landing pages? 🤔 Or want to save your time and focus just on media-buying so that you could launch more campaigns? 💲💲 Here is the solution: I run a service for affiliates where we'll rip and clean landers for you. We clean all the malicious code and if you want even...
  15. nitin

    Propellerads help

    On of my campaign has status "Working: Out of total impressions limit" even though it has given 0 impressions today. Any idea what is the reason?
  16. nitin

    Master a vertical

    Everywhere I read master a vertical. But I don't understand what is it to master a vertical (I mean I don't know what all I don't know)? What we usually do is spy 2-3 different type of lander, make a little variation and split-test them. So I am not getting why does everyone say "master a...
  17. nitin


    So I get this mail from "[email protected]" which says that I have won an iPhoneXR. It links to a google sheet which asks for my credit card details in google sheets (Yes! Google sheets!) (I obviously enter random data just to see the flow). Then finally it wants me to "human verify" and takes...
  18. nitin

    A little roadbloack

    Hey everyone I have been making affiliate marketing campaigns since last 2 months. So what I generally have been doing is run a campaign from local time (of country i am promoting offer in) 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm as that is the time when people are most free. Now once I am able to get my best...