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  1. DEADZ

    Case Study "Some Advice (For Beginners) Based On The First Steps I Took To Reach $XX,XXX/mo" - DEADZ

    ☝First of all... I won't waste your time with any flashy images of earnings - just this one screenshot of my very first weeks so you can see the growth. ✌And, Second... This won't be a "step-by-step" tutorial. If you want to figure this one out, you'll have to dive deeper into the resources...
  2. DEADZ

    [Ask Me Anything] IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ

    Hey guys, I've been doing these "AMA" style threads for IG+CPA for the past 2-3 years. Also, a few people have already PM'd me asking if I'm the writer of a certain IG+CPA ebook (outdated now, but still some good info & might be a good read for some)... So... For anyone that has questions...
  3. DEADZ

    Follow Along A Tracking Experiment (& Journey) To Find The "Best" Tracker - DEADZ

    First, some backstory... I initially started my whole media buying journey with FunnelFlux (and instantly fell in love with the UI). At the time I had minimal experience with setting up hosting, tracking, etc. But the help/doc section came in handy. Eventually, I started running traffic on...