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  1. J

    Domain blocked by Google

    Hi, My domain is blocked by Google recently. Has anyone experienced this before? Anyway, I have registered another domain to restart everything again. May I know how to prevent this from happening again? I have recently ran a campaign with a Smartlink for downloads using push traffic. Not...
  2. J

    Using Spypush Effectively

    hi, I have just subscribed to Spypush for the 2nd time (1st time was in Jan20) but found that most of the active creatives are pretty much the same when I sort them by "popularity" or "days running". Is there a way to use Spypush properly so that I can find some winning creatives? In...
  3. J

    Clickbank - Allowed traffic and countries

    hi, i have just chanced upon Clickbank network. I am thinking of promoting their offers. However, I don't really see any indication of traffic type and countries allowed for the offers. May I know if Clickbank accepts all traffic types and sales from all countries?
  4. J

    Need advice on testing Bitcoin Offers

    Hi, I just started to use landers and have ran some Bitcoin offers which has pretty good payout ranging from $250 to $500 payout. May I know how do u run such campaigns successfully and when will you deem that the offer doesn't work for you and will stop? I read a general guideline in this...
  5. J

    CTR for Landing Pages

    Hi, I just managed to launch my first offer using landing page last weekend after doing some reading here. I noticed that there were around 20,000 clicks shown on my push traffic network for that offer. However, on my affiliate network i can only see 1000 clicks. Does it mean that my landing...