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    Earnings forfeited from one bad offer?

    Hey guys, I was informed by Lemonads that they closed my account on the network and I still have earnings that haven't been paid out. I started running Lemonads offers sometime late June or early July, and my payment terms were net 30 but monthly pay cycle. So I have $300-$400 that I earned in...
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    Transferwise alternative for USD?

    Hey guys, this isn't totally AM related but wondering if anyone can suggest any alternatives for USD accounts (that I've been receiving my network payouts into). I've been receiving money into my Transferwise account, but then Transferwise told me I exceeded the amount they are legally allowed...
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    MOBIPIUM payment terms?

    Hi guys, I'm curious on the minimum thresholds to get better payment terms for MOBIPIUM. I know everyone starts off at net 30 and monthly invoicing, and my AM mentioned to me before that you need to be doing about $1k per week to get weekly invoicing. Does anyone have an idea of the thresholds...
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    Gaming offers?

    So I've tested a few gaming offers on pop traffic with good potential but I always run into the same issue where I'm not profitable yet, but I don't see what more I can optimise for browsers/OS versions/zones without the traffic volumes getting too low. From what I read, it's possible to try and...
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    Follow Along Zeropark Contest: ZP+TC+Kintura

    Alright, joining the fray with this follow along running Zeropark traffic. I've been running Traffic Company's IVR offers for a while and there are people already doing this combination for the contest, but I decided to focus on these offers for the following reasons: 1) To compare ZP's...
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    First Month Report for CPA Marketing

    I was debating whether to post this, but I enjoy reading these so thought I might as well just post anyway. Here's my first month of CPA marketing: In total I spent $1,140.93 and earned back $771.82 for a ROI of -32.3%. I probably spent more than that but I'm basing this ROI off my tracker...
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    Should I stop this campaign?

    Hey guys, need some help here. I've been testing a campaign on Richpush and Evadav, and cutting out unprofitable carriers and sources but still far away from breaking even. This is an offer with a variable payout. How do you know when to give up on a campaign? Here's the steps I took below...
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    How to use a spytool?

    I'm just really confused about when you use a spy tool and how you use it. Following the advice on some threads here I went to Monetizer's Insights to find some trending offers. When I try to search for LPs and creatives for these offers in Anstrex, I usually find ads that were only active...
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    Hi all, I am Alexandra from Singapore. Glad to be a part of this community. I've already gotten started on the Beginner's Guide and am excited to get going. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while via SEO/websites but I had to restart recently so while working on my websites I'm...