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    Landing page Language

    How to change the language of the landing page according to the GEO, automatically? Kidly share the process. If any code I need to add then what is the code?
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    Correct my Kintura setup plz

    Kindly check my kintura setup for a campaign using the landing page.... I dont know why using my landing page i don't get conversions. Maybe some set up issue. Landing page: Offer Page: Route page using Landing page: Campaign : Campaign Route page: Campaign Link and code page...
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    Little clarification

    If I want to promote a same offer in different traffic then do I need to host same landing page 2 times or onetime hosting saingle page will do the job?
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    How to rejuvinate campaign?

    I am using a Propellerad CPA goal for a campaign for almost a month and it was quite a profitable one. But last couple of days it almost stops converting and I am experiencing losses. How can I make this campaign work again? I have seen that almost 10% of the zones were performing and rest are...
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    Best Wordpress Hosting

    What is the best wordpress hosting? I am not looking for a costly one, I am looking for a good hosting with moderate pricing. I dont have much idea but Cloud hosting or Managed hosting, which one is good and which one do you suggest to use where I can choose the server location as per my...
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    How to use Pinterest Ad

    How can I use Pinterest ads from different countries where Pinterest doesn't serve their ad platform? Can anyone help me how to do it and how to fund it etc?
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    AWS Security error

    I have just set up my domain into AWS cloud front. But after setting up when I am trying to see the website then this error is showing. How to solve this problem?
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    Protecting Landing Page

    Today I have received a push notification. So I click that push ad and opened the link. Then I thought to find some details about it. So I copied the link and tried to open again in the same browser. But I couldn't. Then I removed all tracking info to see the actual LP, but it didn't open...
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    Offers got rejected

    Hello, I was running Mobidea offers today 5 offers got rejected by Advertizer. and another one in the pipeline. Seems to be rejected. I contacted Mobidea team and they said that my tracking URL got flagged. The screenshot of the problem... The reason was given by Advertizer: Now kindly...
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    Profitability Finder

    I just want to know how do you analyze big numbers? How do you calculate the profitability? Is there any way or excel that will help me to understand the profitability or help me to decide any zone to kill or retain fast. I mean to say it is difficult to analyze maybe 10k or 20k zones/IDs at...
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    How to contact Mobidea

    How to contact Mobidea AM? I just got 20 conversions but Mobidea is not showing in the conversion value. Traffic source Advertizer. Kindly help me so that if anything wrong is there then I will stop the campaign and stop burning my hard-earned money. Plz, suggest me.
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    POP ads low volume

    After taking inspiration from @jimmyvanilla and @Luke I tried to run a split-testing of Evadav and Mobipium. There I did not get any conversion from Evadav but got some good response from Mobipium smart link. As @Luke suggested to create a separate campaign for promising GEO's. So I tried 2...
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    Anyone Successful?

    I am very curious to know, Is there anyone who succeeds with CPA Goal? I am using it for some time but not able to crack the code yet. Invested a good amount of money but could not manage to make it profitable. End of the day it almost always remains Red. Any suggestions, please.
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    Setup Tracker Properly

    How to setup KIntura properly with any kind of traffic source and Affiliate network? I am trying to do that but the sometimes cost is not tracking or sometimes conversion is not tracking. THIS means I am not able to set up my tracker (Kintura) properly. How to ensure that I am setting up a...
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    Blocking Variables in Kintura

    Is it possible to block some variables from my tracker as that option is not available in Traffic source... Just like an individual website etc. I am using KIntura as a tracker. Another thing is that in Kintura we can easily identify bots. proxy etc but is it automatically blocks the traffic...
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    Follow Along Help Me to SEE Green

    This is my third follow along. I want to make this campaign profitable because I am using a converting offer and using small numbers of variables because my offer suggests so. Affiliate: Mobidea Traffic: PropellerAds Tracker: Bemob Tracker: Anstrex Landing page: Purelander I am using a single...
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    Can I change the BID?

    I have started a campaign in Propeller ads, With CPM bid. Can I change the bid after starting the campaign? Or better to start a new campaign? How do I know that a CPM is high or low? Do I need to follow the suggested bid? What rules do I follow to increase or decrease? My Offer Payout is $0.3...
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    What problem with Evadav?

    I don't know why @Evadav is charging so high? They are suggesting $100 to test a campaign....Right now I have set $50 as a daily budget to test an offer. Now I have selected whitelisting. But they are suggesting to remove it as there is almost nill traffic. In 24 hrs I have received 241 clicks...
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    Evadav coupon

    Is there anyone having Evadav coupon? I want one.
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    Budget for Push/POP Campaign

    What should be the ideal budget to test an offer? Like if an offer has $0.05 payouts then what budget do you want to spend? For POP and Push ad. If you get very less numbers of conversions then how long will you continue with this offer...