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  1. renadoha

    86 version of Chrome and possible changes with the push subscriptions

    Due to the release of 86 version of Chrome and possible changes with the push subscriptions, we ask you to: Change the landing pages' domains and stop collecting subscribers for domains that already have Propush subscriptions. And also, do not collect subscribers for Propush.me and other...
  2. renadoha

    My Facebook ad active and not spending

    Hello I have a Facebook ad I created yesterday and it's approved and active but not spending I check everything and I don't know what is the problem
  3. renadoha

    Hello AWS problem need help

    Hello, I have a domain with AWS, and they won't give me access to distribution, so I want to remove my domain from AWS and make it back to normal because it's down for 4 days now, and I don't know how to do that. This is my second domain same problem my old domain stay 1 year down cos this...
  4. renadoha

    How to set up bot filter in BeMob

    Hello, How to set up bot filter in BeMob and how I know bot traffic from real traffic Please don't post the BeMob blog article I read it much time and I didn't understand so can someone explain in another way. Because I have a pop campaign on Propellerads and I get 120k impression and in BeMob I...
  5. renadoha

    Land Page Help

    I need is the code for language that will save a lot of time for me I translate every LP so this code very important to me I need the code which helps me add this ?lang=en to the end of my page link which will translate it to any language sorry for my English I hope you get the idea This is...
  6. renadoha

    Question about Push creatives

    Hello, everyone has his formula for push creatives and I have a question for you guys what is the best for push 1- Make 5 creatives ( different images with same headline and message ) 2- Make 5 creatives ( different images with different headline ) 3- Make 5 creatives ( different images with...
  7. renadoha

    Facebook Traffic Questions

    Hello everyone I know there is a lot of people like to work with Facebook traffic including me but we always face a lot of issues so my questions to the experts 1- Can I still promote sweepstakes on Facebook and most important what is LP look like Is it a quiz page - Survey page ect...? 2-...
  8. renadoha

    POP Traffic

    Hello all, I search for Pop traffic networks that have low bots and high-quality traffic I know Propellerads anything else as good as Propeller? Thank you
  9. renadoha

    No data in Monetizer

    Hello I run a push campaign and I receive some traffic but Monetizer only read click nothing else I check my postback and and I need help in push postback and how I can show it in bemob Thank you
  10. renadoha

    Push subscription Landpages

    Hello everyone where I can get Loading Push Subscription land pages I can't find it on spytools
  11. renadoha

    EvaDav Traffic Issue?

    Hello guys I know there is a lot of here used EvaDav traffic and I want to know something I add 100$ and I spend 80$ then all campaigns stopped reason I must add more fund, But I still have more 20$ and want to spend them and when I talk to my manager he said "you need to replenish the balance...
  12. renadoha

    Which is better: EPC or CR

    1- I was wondering which is better in choosing a good CPA offer, is it EPC or CR, I need clear information to know which one to use to get a good and converting offer. 2- When I can decide to end a campaign some expert said if campaign spends more than 5-10 payout, you kill it some say you see...
  13. renadoha

    World Champion in Failed Campaigns

    Hello all I know it's weird title : World Champion in Failed Campaigns But it's true I start to learn CPA 8 months ago I watch Luke videos I watch Follow Along Threads I watch case study and when I do like I heard and see I still lose I use tracker Bemob I use traffic Tonic - Propellerads I...