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  1. Anstrex

    Guide How to promote e-commerce on Native? Learnings from 2020

    2021 Prediction: Set Your Sights on the e-Commerce Vertical Ever since the pandemic, the e-Commerce industry has boomed to greater heights, and it is not showing signs of slowing down. You can expect more of the same this 2021, even when vaccines are being rolled out. Based on experience and...
  2. Anstrex

    FREE Top Converting Landing Pages From Anstrex (Updated Frequently)

    Hey Everyone, This community has been a great source of success for Anstrex Spy Tool. In an effort to give something back to the community and increase our brand awareness, we will be doing several cool things in the coming months. This is one such effort and we would like to thank @Luke for...
  3. Anstrex

    Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is Waaaay Overrated

    I have a story to tell you.... When we started collecting data for our new push notifications spy tool, we saw some adult NSFW creative images in our feed. We did not want to show these images by default to our users because they may be accessing this site from public areas or in presence of...
  4. Anstrex

    Official Anstrex Push Notification Spy Tool is Here

    Hey Everyone, Last few months have been extremely busy creating this tool and result is nothing short of amazing. Everything you have been missing in other tools is available now and then some more. Let's take a look... Data Accuracy: Accurate assignment of ad-networks: This is...
  5. Anstrex

    Let's make AffLift #1 Affiliate Marketing Forum

    All the hard work that @Luke has put is paying off :D It needs a little more push. Let us all create some more great content and get it done:cool:
  6. Anstrex

    Can we have a filter to remove group broadcast messages in Conversations?

    I am not sure where to post this but I am seeking a feature for the forum. I want to sometimes filter out group broadcast messages targeted towards the entire community in Conversations so that I can focus on conversations specifically targeted to me. I have nothing against those forum...
  7. Anstrex

    Official Anstrex: The ONLY native spy tool you will ever need

    Hi AffLift Members, I would like to introduce my Native Spy Tool, Anstrex, to the fellow members. My name is Hiren Shah and I am the lead developer and founder of this product. I am going to keep this post extremely short and sweet and just highlight how my tool is so unique compared to all...