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  1. Captndave

    Native traffic exchange?

    Back in the day MGID and Outbrain used to do traffic exchanges but looks like they don't do it anymore. Does anyone one know who is doing traffic exchanges? I have a new project and need a start up traffic boost.
  2. Captndave

    Follow Along Marketing Reset (Sports Betting/ Casino niche + one program+ Multiple channels)

    Over the weekend I was going over my reports for the last four years and I saw saw a sharp decrease in the mobile cpa marketing and media buying. This year I think I have ran almost 250 campaigns with only about 15% that showed a profit and out of those 30 campaigns I still am running only 5...
  3. Captndave

    Follow Along selfadvertiser contest - Optimized pop campaign

    This the follow along I wanted to create earlier. I had some issues at the beginning but we got it worked out. Traffic Source: SelfAdvertiser Networks: Monetizer Tracker: BeMob Budget: 100 Payout: Varied My first attempt with the campaign I was flooded with Android webveiw traffic and really...
  4. Captndave

    Follow Along selfadvertiser contest - Optimized push campaign

    I was originally going to do a follow along using an optimized pop campaign which was a complete disaster. I had only google chrome selected as my browser but 90% of my traffic was Android WebView so traffic was never sent to my offer. So I decided I will try their Optimized Push option...
  5. Captndave

    CPI offers

    Hi all, Looking for a network that has a lot of App download offers any recommendations? Thanks
  6. Captndave

    Useful code for pay per callers

    So I am using push ads but most companies won't allow you to use a phone number for the link. I came up with a script that will have the dialer open with your number first create an /index.php file insert this code nothing else: <?php if(isset($_GET['tel']) && $_GET['tel'] != "") { $tel...
  7. Captndave

    I want to start Push

    From my data over the last two months it seems like pop and zero clock traffic is no longer working especially on zeropark. Campaigns now cost 100x more and produce little if any results. So now I am looking more into push traffic I have run a few campaigns, but looking to make some serious...
  8. Captndave

    Prpellerads Monitizer Campaign suspension issues

    Has anyone else been experiencing this problem? When trying to add a campaign or have a campaign running for a while, from Monitizer, it get's suspended for push subscriptions I am direct linking and have the smartlink fallback turned off.
  9. Captndave

    I am interested in becoming an Affiliate Rep or Manager

    Hope everyone is doing well in these trying times. To the point was wondering what is involved in becoming an Affiliate manager. For the last 17 years I have always been on the other side, but I really don't know what happens on the other side of the chat and phone calls. I am asking this...
  10. Captndave

    Follow Along 2020 campaign: Monetizer + BeMob + Propellerads SmartCPA

    Happy New Decade everyone!! I thought I would do a First Day of the New Year follow along. This campaign will be using Propellerads smart cpa, I have used it in the past with some decent success and thought it would be a good tutorial on how the system works for anyone interested in trying it...
  11. Captndave

    OMG Peerfly is Closing

    Just got the email That Peerfly is shutting down. That sucks I just joined.
  12. Captndave

    Adplexity push

    Adplexity push is out of beta tonight, so it will no longer be free. Just a heads up if you don’t want to be billed.
  13. Captndave

    The Captain’s on Deck!

    Howdy all, I been here for about a month, thought I better introduce myself finally. My name is Dave been a webmaster now for OMG 16 years now. I started in adult and e-commerce made a killing back in the day from SEO and traffic trading. Now I have been a media buyer since 2012 so I hope I...