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  1. Real1038

    Setting monetizer script in LP and in Root directory

    Hi All, Im seeking for help to set up a monetizer script on my landing page correctly I was talking with @Monetizer help section but unfortunately they told me that is issue is out of their support and they are only help inside the platform - I choose collect subscribers though landing...
  2. Real1038

    Growing Monetizer subscribers

    Hey every one I hope that all of you are fine. Im looking for answer a question and for recommendation as well Im sending paid push traffic and also pop to @Monetizer smart link. But after a time i see every day that many of ACTIVE subscribers are UNSUBSCRIBE from my list and so that im...
  3. Real1038

    Setting Advertizer account

    Im using @BeMob as a tracker i already added Advertizer as a traffic source in @BeMob. Now i need Help to make sure that postback is set in a right way the postback link in Bemob is http://postback.advertizer.com/pb.php?clickid={externalId}&amount={payout}&advertiser_id=REPLACE&key=REPLACE...
  4. Real1038

    Help in Postback of clickdealer with bemob

    Hey all I want to make sure that im setting correct s2s postback between clickdealer and bemob http://website.bemobtrk.com/postback?cid=#s2#&payout=#price#&txid=OPTIONAL&status=OPTIONAL this link is generated from bemob when i add a clickdealer as an affiliate network, then i added that link...
  5. Real1038

    How to place the java script codes in a landing page ?

    Hi all, I see the Mega Landing pages scripts and i want to know how to add any code in the LP correctly whatever html or js? i not quit sure how to do it. im talking about the technical steps to do it 1. is there any videos or step by step with pictures guide ?
  6. Real1038

    Push Notification Subscription Landing Page

    Hey Afflift members Im looking for a guide to help me starting promoting Push Notifications offers. I already have clean landing pages that contain a fake Video or click here to allow icon. I don't know what to add to that page to make it my own and how to link the tracker url of bemob in...
  7. Real1038

    What is wrong with this LP ?

    Hey every one Happy to be here again I have some issue regarding this LP. I have download it from Adplexity - I added the Click URL of bemob in the button ( using dreamviewer ) - I uploaded it to my server ( file manager - public_html - created a folder - Uploaded the Zip LP to that folder -...