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  1. agentf

    This is Ali, A New Media Buyer... :)

    Hi Ali and welcome to our community, we're glad to have you on board. If you're new to the paid traffic side of things I would suggest you go through the beginners guide first to help you get squared away with the various steps required to setup, launch and run a campaign...
  2. agentf

    Guide CPVLab VPS Setup Guide 🤓 (with shared build scripts) 😎

    Let me know when and I'll put something together 😜
  3. agentf

    Guide CPVLab VPS Setup Guide 🤓 (with shared build scripts) 😎

    After having some trouble with Kintura over the past few months, I decided to start looking for another tracker which I could use alongside it and possibly switch completely if it performs well and the mood takes me. I looked at a few other cloud options but in the end decided I'd give CPVLab...
  4. agentf

    Should I Implement Nick's iFrame Strategy?

    If it's taking that long to load then you would lose a lot of traffic as people would not wait! Maybe go with a non iframed setup to start with and build up to something more complex later.
  5. agentf

    Guide Optimize w/ Less Ad Spend Using Micro-Conversions 🦄 🧙🏻‍♂️

    Nice guide @Nick, you're smashing them out lately :p Kintura allows you to collect lots of event driven tracking too
  6. agentf

    Follow Along Bemob + iMonetizeIt Adult Smartlinks + Clickadu

    Nice little follow along, what were your totals over the course of the campaign? Also, what are your thoughts on Imonetizeit, properllerads and your campaign in general?
  7. agentf

    Follow Along Let's run some ads

    Great follow along this, very detailed and over such a long time too :cool: I've only managed to read the last few updates and replies, I skimmed the first part but have bookmarked to go back and catch up fully :P
  8. agentf

    Follow Along Clickdealer (dating) + Bemob + Propeller

    Well done for taking action, did your AM suggest the offer or did you pick it? Good luck :cool:
  9. agentf

    🔥 Mega post of Anstrex Landing pages 🔥

    Mega table and zip updated with the new Listicle landers, enjoy :p
  10. agentf

    Smmgoal.com ⭐instagram | youtube|twitter | tiktok| facebook|twich|soundcloudltraffic⭐

    Sounds interesting are they bots or real accounts? How long do the likes/followers stick for?
  11. agentf

    Happy to be here

    Hi Yigit and welcome to our community, we're glad to have you on board :cool:
  12. agentf

    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Nick Lenihan

    great interview with great guy ;)
  13. agentf

    Guide Direct Linking, But Tracking Like You've Got A Landing Page (iFrame Method)

    Nice guide @Nick will have to give it a go at some point
  14. agentf

    Pushflow - Supercharge your affiliate marketing with your own push subscription feeds

    Sounds interesting, I have a couple questions Do you charge for the service, if so how much? Do you send push notifications to the lists as well, if so at what frequency?
  15. agentf

    Guidance on Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and Optimization .

    You should be careful with smartlinks as payouts can fluctuate quite a bit but good to take action, collect some data and analyse :P
  16. agentf

    How to promote a web hosting company?

    You could try targeting local businesses, offer them some kind of deal then they would hopefully spread the word for you :P
  17. agentf

    Official Everest Media - SS Nutra Advertiser

    Can you showcase any examples of your offers?
  18. agentf

    Case Study How to earn 25% more with your campaigns

    Maybe quoting them @ProPush may help?