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  1. noisyboy

    Push Collection Network for Adult Traffic?

    Hey folks, I'd like to collect push subs on the landers of my existing Adult campaigns. I was wondering if Monetizer is any good at monetizing adult traffic? Because most of the top offers on Monetizer are mainstream. Are there any other good push collection/monetization platforms that...
  2. noisyboy

    🤑Already Profitable 🤑 📈🏆iMonetizeIt Contest Follow Along

    Hey guys, I hope I'm not too late for the party. I didn't have an account over at iMonetizeIt, so I had to get one approved but here I'm with some live campaigns. So, I started off with a push campaign on Evadav pointing to the Adult Dating smartlink in a random "top" geo, but surprisingly the...
  3. noisyboy

    Is there way to detect carrier for WiFi traffic?

    So, let's say I want to run an offer that only allows a specific carrier but the traffic volume is very low for this carrier at the traffic source. Is there a way to run WiFi traffic and detect the underlying carrier of the user and redirect the user to the specific offer; and redirect...
  4. noisyboy

    Finally, a good month to end 2020. $1k profit.

    Hey guys, I've started CPA marketing with paid traffic earlier this year and had been struggling to find campaigns that bring consistent profits throughout 2020. You can check my reports on the first few months here: https://afflift.com/f/threads/my-first-month-with-cpa-marketing.3902/ Ever...
  5. noisyboy

    Promoting Adult Dating on FB

    Is there anything marketers can't think of?
  6. noisyboy

    Follow Along 🤑 📈🏆SelfAdvertiser Contest FA - 5 Campaigns, Can We Make Some Profits?

    Here goes my first follow along ever. It’s been just under a year since I started my journey in CPA marketing. Although I had a few winners, I wasn’t able to find campaigns that bring consistent good profits to make a living out of it. I’m still learning, and I hope I’m able to make decent...
  7. noisyboy

    Best Mainstream Smartlink Networks?

    I'm currently testing out offers in various geos. Most of my campaigns are either breakeven or in negative ROI right now. I would like to supplement some revenue via using smartlinks as backbutton and onclick. Can you guys suggest me some good Mainstream smartlink networks? I already have...
  8. noisyboy

    What's the Most Successful PPV Campaign You've Ever Run?

    I've been struggling with my Push campaigns finding it hard to sustain any campaign that brings decent profit. As I'm beginning to test PPV traffic extensively, I need some motivation. What's the most successful POP or Redirect campaign you've ever run? Share your profit numbers in $ instead of...
  9. noisyboy

    Desktop POPs Spy Tool?

    Hey guys, How do you spy on Desktop POP UPS and Redirects? I have a subscription of Adplexity Mobile, but it doesn't show ads for Desktop. Any other spy tool that shows these? Thank you!
  10. noisyboy

    Can you anyone help me understand how this bot trap script works?

    Hey guys, So I was browsing though some landing pages I downloaded earlier, and found this bot trap script on one of them. I don't know how this works, and how I could potentially use it with my landing pages. Can anyone help me here? Thank you! "use strict";var...
  11. noisyboy

    In-page Push Traffic Networks!

    Hi guys, What are ad networks that have in-page push traffic? I know of PropellerAds, Evadav, Pushground and ZP.
  12. noisyboy

    Do you use whitelists to test out a new vertical?

    Hi guys, Let's say you've gathered a whitelist in Vertical A, would you use that whitelist to test out a new vertical B? Thank you!
  13. noisyboy

    How to Set Up Backbutton Redirect and Exitpop on my LP?

    Hi guys, I'm currently running a few PPV campaigns that are currently at negative ROI, or barely breakeven. I'd like to set up backbutton redirect and exit pop on my LPs. How do I go about doing that? Can you please help me with the scripts? Thank you!
  14. noisyboy

    How do you test new campaigns on PropellerAds POPs?

    Hey guys, Which bidding model do you usually go for to test unproven campaigns? And what bidding model do you use if you want to scale a proven campaign on PropellerAds PPV? Thank you!
  15. noisyboy

    What's the longest Push campaign you ran profitable?

    For me, push campaigns just die off within a week or so. I've had crazy days with more than 100-200% ROI on the first few days of running push campaigns, but they just die off too quickly. So, what's the longest Push campaign you ran profitable? Also on average, how long do your push campaigns...
  16. noisyboy

    Looking for iOS VPN Offers!

    Looking to get into promoting iOS VPN offers across various geos. If you've got some in your network, please PM me. And we can get started right away. Thank you!
  17. noisyboy

    SelfAdvertiser Traffic Quality Decreased

    I have bought push traffic from SelfAdvertiser in the past and the quality was quite okay-ish. So, I had this campaign a couple of days back which was performing nicely across all major push traffic sources, so I thought I'd scale it to SelfAdvertiser too. But I have really been disappointed by...
  18. noisyboy

    Push campaigns dying fast?

    I've been testing shit tons campaigns lately. Most of my campaigns fail. And even if I find a few promising campaigns, they don't last long at all. 1 to 3 days of positive ROI, and they go red afterwards. This has happened with all my campaigns. Not sure if it's worth it to keep focusing on...
  19. noisyboy

    Best CDN for Running POP Traffic?

    So, I'm looking to run shit tons of POP traffic this month. I use Digital Ocean for servers. Looking for a quality CDN that would speed up my landing pages. Any recommendations?
  20. noisyboy

    Are Advertorials Allowed on FB?

    Hi guys, I don't much experience with running FB Ads for affiliate products. I'm thinking of trying to promote a few whitehat ecom products with the help of advertorials like the one I attached with this post. My question is are these allowed on FB? I'd like not to get banned. Thanks!