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  1. ArielleT

    Follow Along EvaDav & Pay Per Call - Credit Repair!

    Hey guys, Today we'll be doing pay per call!! Traffic source: EvaDav Advertiser: Confidential (Sorry guys lol) Payout: $100/CPA Max Campaign Budget: $50 Daily Budget: $5/daily Ad Tracker: Redtrack Call Tracker: Retreaver Hours: 24/7 Here's the campaign flow: Obviously United States & Mobile...
  2. ArielleT

    Follow Along EvaDav + UK Sweepstakes Offers

    Hey Guys, Since I saw the competition, I thought why not participate. I'm good friends with the owner of Arroyo Media back when they only focused on Pay Per Call area, I contacted them recently and heard that they are starting their own CPA network. Affiliate Network: Arroyo Media Traffic...
  3. ArielleT

    Follow Along Monetizer + PopAds. Targeting the African continent

    Hey guys, I noticed I been very actively. That's a good thing because I'm trying out of my comfort zone of being shy and making more follow along threads. Traffic Source: Popads Offer Source: Monetizer Here's my stats so far recently. I used to drive way more traffic months months before...
  4. ArielleT

    Follow Along PopAds + Sweepstakes CC Submits Offers

    Hey Everyone Its Ariel again! I thought about doing another follow along with a campaign that I'm working on. This is going to be a mixture of pops, push, and display traffic towards this offer. Test Budget: $10 - Pop Traffic $18 - Display Traffic $18 - Push Traffic For this topic, we are...
  5. ArielleT

    Follow Along [Paused] PopAds + Zeydoo 1Click Offers

    Hey everyone, its Ariel! I haven't been making follow alongs for a while. I'll be testing 1click offers with Zeydoo. I'll be using Redtrack to keep track of everything. Due to the offer pay to be really low, I'll keep my campaign budget low as well, I'm not looking to blow $50 just for running...
  6. ArielleT

    Got rejected from a Top Affiliate network, here's what happened

    To any newbie affiliate who has been rejected and feeling frustrated. Here's my story. I applied to an affiliate network CPABuild after reading a thread here on Afflift top 3 CPA networks. Thank you @IcanFLY I filled out everything on the application including everything about me, my traffic...
  7. ArielleT

    A New Chapter - Got Hired As A Digital Media Buyer

    Hi everyone, sorry for being very inactive for quite a few months. This is one of the biggest game changers I ever had. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer full-time. While at Affiliate Summit East and being invited by Ringba to join their awesome parties. A person came up to me, something like...
  8. ArielleT

    My Experience at Affiliate Summit East 2019 (Should you go?)

    Me and my boy Issac @ Affiliate Ball So what's it like at Affiliate Summit East? Should you attend such a big event? Words can't describe what happen there. I met so many friends from one of the skype groups I'm part of. Everyone is having fun, networking with new people. The best part is the...
  9. ArielleT

    Follow Along Promoting a Black-Hat Offer that pays out $105/per lead

    Hope that Clickbait title got you interested LOL!! Hi everyone! It's Ariel again! You all seen me a lot in my follow along threads in affLIFT. Today I will be promoting an iGaming offer, this is my first time promoting an casino vertical. You seen me promote Sweepstakes and Survey campaigns...
  10. ArielleT

    Follow Along Pushing with MaxBounty iPhone XS Sweeps

    Hey everyone! Long time no see, took a long break at February. I used most of my time on building myself and getting better at creating ad copies and building converting landing page. Anyway here we go!!!! Affiliate Network: MaxBounty Offer: iPhone XS Sweeps Payout: $1.84 Per Lead. I'm blowing...
  11. ArielleT

    Follow Along Background Check Offer with PropellerAds

    Hey Everyone! Today I will be doing another campaign. Affiliate Network: MaxBounty Tracking Platform: ThriveTracker Self-Hosted Hosting: Namecheap Dedicated Server (Quad-Core with 8GB RAM) with CloudFlare CDN. Added Bot Filter Add-On in my CDN. Can't have bots ruining my campaign and my data...
  12. ArielleT

    Anyone here going to Affiliate Summit West 2019?

    If you are coming, I can't wait to meet each one of you guys! I'm excited!!
  13. ArielleT

    Follow Along Survey Verticals with Maxbounty/Peerfly

    Hey everyone, Affiliate Network: MaxBounty and Peerfly Tracking Platform: ThriveTracker Self-Hosted Hosting: Namecheap Dedicated Server (Quad-Core with 8GB RAM) with CloudFlare CDN. Offers: Peerfly - Vindale Research Mobile - United States. Traffic Source Type: Push Notifications...
  14. ArielleT

    Follow Along Sweepstakes With PropellerAds (The Journey to $50/Day)

    Hey Affiliates. Today I'm doing a campaign with Sweepstakes using PropellerAds as my traffic source. Affiliate Network: Advidi Tracking Platform: ThriveTracker Self-Hosted Hosting: Namecheap Dedicated Server (Quad-Core with 8GB RAM) with CloudFlare CDN. Offers: Christmas Walmart (Pre-Lander)...
  15. ArielleT

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi everyone, my name is Arielle. I'm super excited to be part of this forum. I bought Lifetime membership during Black Friday. I am an intermediate affiliate Marketer. I do CPA, JV, PayPerCall, and Rev Share offers. My favorite verticals are Technology, Software, Finance, Surveys, Sweepstakes...