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  1. Tyoussef

    🖤 😱 Zeropark Deals — How To Make BFCM Offers Last… Forever!

    wow, that's amazing Magda.
  2. Tyoussef

    Hey There!

    welcome to the forum @Benimaru :) :) .
  3. Tyoussef

    Im back again and hello to everyone

    i hope your wife is fine and healthy. and i wish you good luck this time. start a new your journey in the forum, we are here to help each other.
  4. Tyoussef

    Setting Advertizer account

    good luck with your campaign @Real1038. i hope it's running now.
  5. Tyoussef

    Campaign Optimisation

    from the tracker stats i see that the offer payout is 0.79$ , means you will have to optimize aggressively like @servandosilva told you, and of course you need more data.
  6. Tyoussef

    Sweepstakes Offers| Looking for push traffic

    do you guys have sweeps CC submit offers ?.
  7. Tyoussef

    Looking for sweepstake offers that are good for native traffic

    you can also use https://www.offervault.com/ to find good offers, and from there you join the network.
  8. Tyoussef

    Case Study 466% ROI eCommerce Case Study!

    Thanks for sharing the case study @SelfAdvertiser.
  9. Tyoussef

    Networks to avoid killing your Cashflow as a beginner

    i will bookmark this. thanks lot servando
  10. Tyoussef

    Need a little assistance

    i think @servandosilva asked is your offer proven by you, is it converting for you on zeropark ?.
  11. Tyoussef

    AWS/ Hosting questions!

    hi @OmegaC, i also did a video tutorial about this, you can find it here. if you are stuck, you can always come back and ask :).
  12. Tyoussef

    Question about "Survey Traffic"

    i didn't use maxbounty recently, but i also think this is what they mean, and of course i can be wrong. the problem with maxbounty is their affiliate managers don't respond quickly.
  13. Tyoussef

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    am always thinking on wrting a php script that does that :).
  14. Tyoussef

    GOOGLE ADS - LOW CTR from my review post/blog to affiliate offers or product

    your landers are looking nice. i suggest you focus on optimizing by keywords as @makifkaban said.
  15. Tyoussef

    Question about when to optimize a source

    you can also blacklist aggressively, that's another option for you.
  16. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Let's run some ads

    this is amazing, Am glad to see you back again Jonathan.
  17. Tyoussef

    A warning about HostGator

    @Nate forget abou them. bro, all the affiliates doesn't use this kinds of hosting, you need your own server, or if you have just static files you can use amazon AWS to host your landing pages. last time i used shared hosting was 9 years ago :LOL:.
  18. Tyoussef

    Bemob and my lander

    nope you only need to set the click link in the call to action button, that's it.
  19. Tyoussef

    Hey Whats Up Folks !!! From MEXICO ( Push)

    hi and welcome to the forum Virgilio. sweeps is a good vertical to start with. enjoy your stay here, and good luck with your campaigns.
  20. Tyoussef

    Hello from Canada! Never surrender!

    welcome @tkhoury . nice to see you here bro. i wish you good luck.