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  1. Nick

    Guide "Best Of" affLIFT - MEGA Thread

    As a new affiliate figuring out how to run profitable campaigns can be a real challenge. There’s so much information available online, but one of the biggest problems with this is that there might be too much information, which leads to information overload, shiny object syndrome, etc. The good...
  2. Nick

    SelfAdvertiser Auto Optimizer Q & A 🧙🏻‍♂️

    The other day @servandosilva, @jimmyvanilla, @Luke, @agentf and I got into a discussion on Skype with @SelfAdvertiser (Gal) about their Auto Optimizer feature. It turned out to be quite interesting, so we've decided that it would be good to share here on AffLift. :p SelfAdvertiser already has...
  3. Nick

    Follow Along Evadav Adult Push Subs + Zeropark Redirects

    Since there's a contest going on this month I decided I'll participate. I like to use AffLift contests as a way for me to test something that I normally wouldn't do. In this case, I'm collecting push subs with adult redirect traffic on Zeropark. Normally I wouldn't touch the adult vertical and...
  4. Nick

    Guide ❌📝❌ Using PropellerAds API to Make Blacklists (or Whitelists)

    One mistake that can be seen a lot here on the forum is making global whitelists and/or blacklists too early. To make a high-quality black or white list you need enough data to be able to determine if a zoneID is actually good or bad. With too little data you have good chances of not getting...
  5. Nick

    Guide Automatically Unsubscribe Bots from Email Lists ❌🤖

    There are only three things certain in life as a marketer: death, taxes, and bots. 🤖 Bots in 2020 are sophisticated. Recently I was playing around again with coding some bots for legitimate purposes (ie. NOT committing ad fraud 😂) and come to find out it’s quite easy to code them so they’re...
  6. Nick

    Guide Tracking Additional Monetization Scripts (Back Button, Timed Redirect, etc.)

    If you’re using landing pages in your campaigns (if you're still not a believer then maybe you should read this), you can have additional opportunities to squeeze extra revenue out of your campaigns. For example, if someone isn’t interested in your offer/landing page, they might click the back...
  7. Nick

    Guide 🧙 100% Free Lander Hosting (w/ CDN) in 5 Minutes 🧙

    UPDATE: Starting December 31, 2020 a free account will no longer be possible. A month or so ago I found the best CDN for landing pages hosting... and it's completely free to use forever (with a very generous 100GB/month data transfer limit). It's called Fast.io. Last week I wrote a detailed...
  8. Nick

    Guide Better Way to Write a Javascript Date... Welcome to 2020

    In my most recent post here on the forum, I wrote about how you should clean and test your landing pages... otherwise, you might have some big problems that will most certainly affect your conversion rate...
  9. Nick

    Don't Be Like This Guy... Clean Your Landing Pages AND Test Them

    Every once in awhile I see some affiliate (usually a noob) mention that they use an adblocker. The first thing that comes to my mind is WHY?!? If the area a business that you’re working in almost 100% relies on advertising, what sense does it make to have an adblocker? You’re just blocking...
  10. Nick

    Guide Translate Ad-Copy FAST (Mind Blowing 🤯)

    I shared this the other day in my email newsletter assuming many people already knew about it, but apparently, almost no one does. 🤷‍♂️ Luke read it and his mind was literally blown, just like this guy: Anyways... it can get quite annoying if you’re running ads in countries that don’t speak...
  11. Nick

    🤷‍♂️ Does Ad CTR Even Matter ⁉️

    👉 TIP: Most of the content in this post was originally sent out exclusively to my email subscribers. If you'd like to regularly get high-quality affiliate marketing content sent to you on a regular basis you can sign up for my email list here. Does it? The short answer would be yes and no, but...
  12. Nick

    PropellerAds to Remove Native Ads

    Starting on May 22, 2020 PropellerAds is going to be removing native ads from their platform. Here's the official announcement: Has anyone been using PropellerAds native for any of your campaigns?
  13. Nick

    Guide 🔥 Kintura MEGA Setup Guide 🔥

    In case you haven't heard already, Kintura has a free plan. Not just any free plan... the most generous free plan offered by ANY tracker out there. It comes with 1 million events per month, which will go a long way for someone just getting started with CPA affiliate marketing on a lower budget...
  14. Nick

    Guide Bulk Upload Landing Pages to Kintura

    Earlier this week @Kintura announced a very generous free plan for the tracker. I’ve already been using it for a couple of months now and it’s really great, but you might be missing some convenient features other trackers have that Kintura doesn’t. One of those features I wanted a few weeks ago...
  15. Nick

    Guide The "BEST" Landing Page Builder?!? 🔥

    Recently it seems there have been a lot of questions related to landing page builders here on the forum. There have also been a couple of new LP builders that have been recently released, so how about we check each of them out and see what one is best? Tools that are meant to help you build...
  16. Nick

    Case Study Push Ads vs. In-Push Ads

    Yesterday I was chatting with @Luke and @servandosilva about affiliate stuff. One thing led to another and eventually we got into in-page push ads. In-page push ads are one of the things that many ad networks 'developed' in result of the recent Chrome 80 update that caused panic among...
  17. Nick

    Guide The Ultimate Guide to Clickloss

    It seems recently that a lot of members are discovering clickloss, but very few actually understand what it is, what causes it, and what you can do about it. Here are a few examples of such threads: https://afflift.com/f/threads/a-newbies-dating-follow-along-clickdealer-evadav.3742/...
  18. Nick

    PropellerAds Restricting Push Collection

    Starting today PropellerAds has restricted which countries you can collect push subscribers in (ie. push subscription smartlinks). See the message from their dashboard below:
  19. Nick

    The MAC Feature I Just Realized Exists 🤣

    Emojis are life. I like to use emojis sometimes when I write stuff online. Normally I would visit a site like Emojipedia and copy/paste the emoji I want to use. Not too bad, but then I thought why can't I easily add emojis like I can on my iPhone? After a quick Google search, I found out that...
  20. Nick

    Segmenting Buyers; Different Email Address

    I don't want to tell too much in this post, but basically, I have some sites with email lists and I sell products on them. The products are sold through PayPal. When someone makes a purchase their PayPal email goes into an autoresponder. But, the issue I'm having is that people sign up to the...