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    snapchat didn't approve my campaign !

    Great to see a success story here about Snap! I’ve tested a few campaigns recently (Snap Ads format/video) with the conversion objective and optimizing for Swipe Ups since it seems you have to unlock conversion events deeper in the funnel. All I get are hundreds of clicks on my LP’s and maybe a...
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    Follow Along Zeropark + BeMob + PureLander + Peerfly. Journey to $50 per day!

    Just curious about the custom tracking link recommendation. With pops is that just so the standard tracking link doesn’t discourage a viewer when they see it flashing through the redirect chain?
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    Follow Along Journey To $50/Day - Weight Loss Product with PPV Traffic source

    I’ve been working with Propel Media lately too, but not having much success with conversions or traffic volumes. They’ll recommend piling on a combo of hundreds of domains/keywords in order to bring traffic at scale, but then the targeting gets too broad and you burn through your budget quickly...
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    November MegaPush Contest

    I think Feed 2 is the only one I’ve ever received conversions from 😩
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    Guide Setting up a campaign in MegaPu.sh

    Sort of - I’m able to get the key information I need anyway. If you used the bemob template when setting up MaxBounty as an Affiliate Network in Bemob, you’ll just want to be sure that {custom1} is one of the parameters you plug into your affiliate link from MB when you set up the offer in...
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    Push Personalization?

    I’ve been experimenting with push for about a year now and I think I’ve mastered the art of attracting attention to my creatives, but I’m still not sure about 2 things: Rendering time is essential with pop traffic, but what about push? I prefer to direct link SOI offers, but it always seems...
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    Guide Setting up a campaign in MegaPu.sh

    I’ve tried 5 offers across 3 networks, multiple creatives. I’m also not going until this blindly - using Bemob and I’ve had success with push in the past. I’m stumped!
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    Guide Setting up a campaign in MegaPu.sh

    Just ran one in Spain - a loan offer with MaxBounty that is exclusive to Spain- that converts just on lead submit. 2500 clicks, 0 conversions. I’ve tried other networks and multiple SOI sweeps with same result.
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    Guide Setting up a campaign in MegaPu.sh

    I’ve really enjoyed testing MegaPush so far and I have more bankroll to continue, but I’ve received 0 conversions from thousands of clicks on multiple goes and offers. I’ve also tried landing pages vs. direct linking, a loan offer and several SOI sweeps. Any advice? I know the audience is 80%...