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    I dont like Monday- Domain Karma

    Hi , so all my domains got flagged for having trojans and one of my traff source asks for replacement...1-why all of them same day , how weird is that ? 2-why only this traff source complains ( not confortable dropping names on things i dont understand but its not that relevant anyway the name...
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    Tik Tok ads registration

    Hi, where Tik Tok traffic can be bought other than "Tik Tok ads for business" website direct ? Only reason , the direct program can be accessed only for Business ( not individual) or companies based in a restricted list of geos( kind of weird as you can have a company in Usa and wanting to...
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    I want to be a content creator

    Hi, im currently working as an advertiser buying traffic and pushing other people's offers;i ts now time i start creating my own offers , can anyone point me to those resources and/or people that will help me achieving that ? Guess various skills are involved but I know I can make it. TX
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    best app builder

    Hiall, what s the best affiliate friendly app builder outhere ? In this context " aff friendly"= no frills , just ability to share some content for the user ( i.e. music, video, pix ), free download , advertising spaces/functionality, decent graphics. Tx
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    best_recommended hosting

    Hi all, is Google cloud fast enough to host simple landing pages and mini advertorial sites built on wp ? They will be targeted with daily low cpm pops and decent volume traffic estimated 50k to 100k hits. Whats the fastest hosting brand/company that top guys usually use for the purpose ? Tx
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    Traff quality_Propellerads

    Hi, is anyone seeing a decrease in Propellerads popunder traff quality and performance in last few weeks ? Want to understand whether its me or a general issue. Let me specify no intention to bad talk Propellerads , great Tsource, great staff and paying a slice of my monthly home rent. “Spassiba”
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    Zeropark support needed_am unresponsive

    Hi, @Zeropark staff in Afflift. I have been using Zp for almost 3 years and quitted 9 months ago as i couldn't get anymore a positive Roi. Since a few weeks I started again and same thing....as now I'm more experienced and all my other network i use are profitable , i spent some time analyzing...
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    Propellerads, antiadblock yes , antiadblock no ?

    Hi, in Propellerads should we flag active the antiadblock or deactivate ? Any comment on pros and cons ? Tx
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    Low quality no js traffic , Monetizer+Self Advertiser

    Hi, let me premise, I love Monetizer, couldnt think of a life without them and think Self Ad is a pristine platform and great traff source so the following is not an attck or accuse to anyone; just both sides failed to give me an explanation that make sense to me and one of the reasons I'm on...
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    Auto testing and similar

    For those familiar with the Cpa 2.0 goal popunder "format" in Propellerad , are you aware of any other similar auto testing system besides Zeropark smart cpa ? Does anyone have a view or thought on how the algorithm works in those models ? Tx
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    req: Optimization best practice

    Hi , when test splitting offers ( WITH VARIABLE PAYOUTS ) or landing pages i.e. 3 of them , shoudl i delete the ones that has the highest revenues but only 1 conversion or the one that has the less conversions ? Logic would say to keep those that have high number of conversion hoping to convert...
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    Optimization Best practice

    Does any member knows how many converting zoneS in Propellerads ( or any other source) is advisable to have before exporting them into the Propellerad whitelist ? Also only profitable zone or non profitable but converting tto shoudl be exported to list ? Tx