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    List Of Traffic Sources That Use Adkernel Platform

    Hi folks, I would like to share a list of traffic sources that uses Adkernel platform. I dig deep by asking people from Skype and reputable members of this forum. Thanks to @jimmyvanilla. I got most of ad platform from his list. I'm very grateful to you bro. I have experience using some of...
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    Follow Along cyrus791's Journey Using Bemob + Mobipium + Popads + Luke's Pops Guide + Evadav

    Hi folks, I decided to try Luke's Pops guide because I have all the requirements needed to get started. **July 11** Here's my result: It's a good start. I got 33 conversions from targeting all countries which is very broad. **July 12** Here's my initial result after round 2 of optimizing...
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    Follow Along My Newbie Journey To 3 Figures Per Day

    Hi, I'm pretty new to push notifications. I just started from the 1st quarter of this year. I have my ups and downs. I managed to get a profitable campaign in the gambling niche before which has a payout of $15 per registration. The sad thing that happened is, when they checked the leads for...
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    What Do You Do If You Don't Get Clicks To Your Landing Page?

    Hi, I'm getting prelander's call to action button clicks for Evadav before. However, I don't get prelander call to action clicks in my new traffic source. It's totally zero but I have visits to my prelander. What could be the problem? All the best, cyrus791