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  1. oscarte

    CPA pops - When to blacklist IPs? When to blacklist SiteIDs (placements)?

    Hello everyone, Since I'm running CPA I've been stuck in a lot of visits and 0 conversions (-100% ROI). I've tested different geos, niches and offers; and I've been always top bidder. If it is of interest; I'm using MaxBounty offers and Bemob as the tracker. I received a tip; that I had to do...
  2. oscarte

    I'm in lost in space. In the PopAds space, that is. - I'm the only one?

    Where do I start? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I find the valuable SiteIDs? Based on what I've learned about PopAds, based on @Morticai PopAds...
  3. oscarte

    In the PopAds games category, what type of generic offer can I use to find SiteIDs for sub-niches and make campaigns for each sub-niche?

    Hello everyone! I have 2 questions. About the first one: - I would like to do a seed campaign in PopAds targeting the games category to then research the SiteIDs, find the sub-niches I find (arcade, gambling, casino, etc.). Then do a campaign for arcade, one for gambling, and one for casino...
  4. oscarte

    New member from Puerto Rico!

    Before I start; a call to find affiliates living in Puerto Rico, and fellow hispanics so we can meet and DM: "Hola mi gente, me encantaría muchísimo conocerlos y compartir este camino que puede ser solitario. Compartir ideas, conocimientos (network/mastermind). Especialmente me encantaría...