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  1. sarveshpandey89

    Supersonic CDN | Free by NameCheap

    Hi community, I saw that NameCheap has launched its own CDN and it is currently free but it is in Beta. If someone wants to try. More Detail: https://www.namecheap.com/supersonic-cdn/ Thanks Sarvesh
  2. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along 🎰Casino offer | Advidi + BeMob + PropellerAds.

    Hi community, I'm back with another push follow-along. This time it is something different. Thanks to @varunkeskar I am starting a new vertical i.e Casino. I had asked Varun few days back to mentor and guide me how to run casino/gambling offer and he was kind enough to agree. He shared with me...
  3. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along Contest 2020 | PushSub Offer | Follow Along

    Hi people, Inspired by the recent trends and wave along with this contest as an opportunity I am also trying this push sub campaign. I had started the campaign back on 9th Jan just as a random experiment and had stopped after a day but then I am now thinking to run it again just to see how much...
  4. sarveshpandey89

    Referral link - CashNetwork

    Hi, I wanted to join CashNetwork affiliate network but I learnt that it is only through referral link. Anyone member in that network who can refer? Sarvesh
  5. sarveshpandey89

    ESP for affiliate marketing

    Hi, I am looking for ESP for affiliate marketing to promote loans/credit repair/insurance/debt consolidation kinda offers. I have email list of payday loans. I tried using MailChimp but they are not affiliate friendly. I read in one of the thread that EmailOctopus is good but when I tried to...
  6. sarveshpandey89

    Suppression List | MD5 Encrypted

    Hi people, I hope everyone is having great holidays :). I was exploring email marketing and was going through some offers on MaxB. I noticed that MaxBounty provides suppression list which is MD5 encrypted, I wanted to know what is that and how I can read that file? I will share the screenshot...
  7. sarveshpandey89

    Tools for accounting & payment reminders??

    Hi all, Now that I have started slowly making money through affiliate marketing, as someone who is one man army just like most of us I wanted to ask 1. How do you manage your accounting and all? Do you use some tools or something? 2. How do you manage your payment reminders from the aff...
  8. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along 🔥ClickDealer + BeMob + ZeroPark + Nick's Course & Mentoring

    Hello aff Members, First and foremost, happy thanksgiving to you and to your family. Also, all the very best for your Black Friday campaign. So, here I am with another follow-along. I recently bought @Nick 's course (which is on Black Friday sale right now) on push marketing [[COURSE] Push...
  9. sarveshpandey89

    A month in Affiliate Marketing journey!

    Hello everyone, Today its has been a month since I started with affiliate marketing and its has been a great one. I learnt a lot in past one month thanks to the wonderful people in affLift community. I wanted to share my 1st month performance and see how do I stand. To check if I am in the...
  10. sarveshpandey89

    Your fav smartlink for all verticals?

    So recently I learnt how to put a mainstream smartlink offer to your campaign if the traffic isn't from the geo of your main offer. This helps in decreasing the loss and maximise the click's value. I wanted to ask the community that in such setup which smartlink network do you prefer to use as...
  11. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along RichPush + BeMob + Mobidea = Fingers/toes crossed! :D

    Hi people, Finally my 1st follow-along post! Thanks to the this contest which gave me motivation to try a new traffic source (Thank you @Luke ). I have till now worked with PropellarAds only for Push traffic. 🎯 Traffic Source: RichPush 🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob ✅ Affiliate Network: Mobidea 👍...
  12. sarveshpandey89

    Traffic source for finance offers

    Hi everyone, Since Feb of this year till last month I have run personal loan/payday loan offers through facebook and Bing but never had luck in making money. I have spent more than $1500 on these traffic source but the issue always has been that my lead acquisition cost has been more than my...
  13. sarveshpandey89

    Looking for alternative traffic source

    Hi Community, Since more than past two weeks I have been running few sweepstakes offers via push. All of my offers have been in negative except 1. This one gift card offer from Denmark has been doing really well. There has been good ROI from the offer but since last 1 week also it is in...
  14. sarveshpandey89

    Namaste from India

    Name: Sarvesh Pandey Age: 30 Country: India Affiliate Marketing Experience: 7 months Current Favourite Network: Mobidea Tracking Software: BeMob Traffic source: PropellarAds (Push), Bing, Facebook. Hi everyone. This Sarvesh, from India. I am fairly new to affiliate marketing. I have been a...