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  1. TheOptimizer.io

    Don't Send Traffic To a New Offer Before You Do This! [ Free Calculator Inside ]

    If we go and ask 10 affiliate managers on various networks for a list of their top performing offers, we can easily create a list of around 100 offers - all from various verticals, payouts as well as conversion flow. So, having access to these 100 top offers means that we can create hundreds...
  2. TheOptimizer.io

    Guide How To Explore Your Native Ads Audience Demographics and Interests

    Alright guys, I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time, but before doing it, I wanted to run some tests first. So, when promoting on native ad networks, we usually miss some important information on our targeted audience – age, gender or even audience interests. Without having...
  3. TheOptimizer.io

    Native Advertising 2019: The Year in Review 📊

    Over the year that we just left behind, many advertising agencies and affiliate marketers expressed great interest towards native advertising. With over 1M+ live campaigns, 2019 marked another successful year for this ad format. Obviously, traffic diversification needs and the buying power...
  4. TheOptimizer.io

    1st Live Webinar on Afflift – How to Create the Right Auto-Optimization Rules for NativeAds

    This time we wanted to turn up the heat a little bit and run our webinar live here on the forum. So, in case you are running Native Ads, feel free to drop your questions below, so that we can answer it live or show you a live example of your specific setup needs 😊
  5. TheOptimizer.io

    Webinar: How to Leverage the Power of Automation with Custom Conversions

    Hey guys, hope you're having a great time! In this week's webinar, we are going to talk about the process of leveraging the power of automatic optimization with the help of custom conversions. This webinar's agenda will be organized in two parts. Part 1: How to Get Started with TheOptimizer...
  6. TheOptimizer.io

    😱 TheOptimizer Goes 99% OFF – Cyber Monday Special!

    Everyone was pushing out their offers on Black Friday, so we thought to bring you a juicy Cyber Monday! If you’re working with any of the following ad networks this deal is for you! Native: Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, MGID, Adskeeper, RevContent, VoluumDSP, Runative, ContentAd...
  7. TheOptimizer.io

    📡 Join Our Live Webinar | Automating NativeAds with TheOptimizer Native

    Hey guys, Probably you are under-utilizing the power of automation or not sure how to properly set up your automatic optimization rules and have your native advertising campaigns run on autopilot. Let's fix this together by joining our webinar on "How to Automate Your NativeAds with...
  8. TheOptimizer.io

    Automating Push Notifications Optimization

    Hey guys, hope you're doing well! As you may already know we currently have PropellerAds and Zeropark push notification ads integrated in TheOptimizer Mobile, but we're still getting a lot of questions if we can integrate other push notification sources in our platform. We'd love to get your...
  9. TheOptimizer.io

    Official TheOptimizer Mobile - Pop/Redirect/Push Campaigns on Auto-Pilot

    Hello awesome people, hope you're in for a great weekend! It has been a while now since we joined this community but haven't yet posted regarding our campaign management and automatic optimization platform TheOptimizer Mobile. And the reason behind that is because our devs have been a little...
  10. TheOptimizer.io

    TheOptimizer Native: The Ultimate Automation Platform for Native Media Buyers

    Hello guys, It has been only a few days since we joined AffLift and loving the content we’ve been going through. Because we don’t want to be the usual vendor/service provider that only tries to sell their services without any additional value. We thought it could be a good idea to provide some...
  11. TheOptimizer.io

    Official TheOptimizer.io - #1 Auto-Optimization Platform for Media Buyers

    Hello everyone! It feels great being part of this community where we can help each other overcome any roadblocks in our affiliate marketing endeavor. A big thanks to @Luke for creating such an awesome community and inviting us to be part of it. Using this thread, we would like to make a brief...