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    White Cloaking

    Hello afflift members, i hope you are good , stay safe and stay run CPA campaigns :D I Watched many topics here and show off from other members talking about their campaigns and they mentioned cloaking as a service to avoid rejecting their ads on Facebook and google even Instagram if any one...
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    elementor pro LP QA

    Hello afflift heroes I am new here , learnt good things and started to see the green zone but i have some problem with my landing pages I am using ripped LP from anstrex , most of them not suiting my work , so i decided to build my own landing page I have elementor pro and i want to build a...
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    CPAbuild + Voluum configuration needed

    Hello there I am trying to promote offers from cpabuild , and would like to configure the voluum tracker with this affiliate network any suggestions ? because i contacted my AM manager and he couldn't help me here is the postback documentation from cpabuild i tried many times to configure it...
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    Monetizer Postback problem 404

    Hello friends , I am new here and also new to CPA field i am using voluum with monetizer to track my conversions but i am receiving this notification could you please tell me what's the problem ? or what should i do ?