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  1. AdMaven

    Why Are My Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Failing? Here Are the Top 5 Beginner Mistakes.

    This is a great article, I recommend every beginner to read it, and then read it again! haha These are simple rules to follow that can make a huge difference.
  2. AdMaven

    Don't miss these new AdMaven insights on #Forbes

    Hey guys, I've wanted to share with our #Forbes article, (https://bit.ly/2AGSXIv) exploring which publishers & apps benefited most from the global lockdown. Besides the expected spikes in activity for streaming platforms or news outlets, other verticals also saw a significant spike in demand as...
  3. AdMaven

    Follow Along 1st affLIFT Follow Along

    Hey Kevin, welcome back!
  4. AdMaven

    Follow Along From FB to PUSH

    Hey Jasper, welcome to the forum and good luck with running push ads :) Every network has slightly different optimization and targeting options so I would recommend you to contact somebody on Zeropark and ask for some guidance, it's always good to get some inside info. ;) Regarding...
  5. AdMaven

    Follow Along ad-maven Floating Push

    Hey! Happy to hear you've decided to try out our platform. I agree with all of the above, we recommend using several creatives for AB testing. You are more than welcomed to send me a DM or to contact us on our live support chat on the platform, we have plenty of experienced AM's that will be...
  6. AdMaven

    $100 Native vs $100 Push / HELP!

    Hey, welcome to the forum! First of all, as miverva mentioned, Native ads and Push ads have almost the exact rates, so budget-wise there's not a lot of difference. In my opinion, push ads are more newbie-friendly than native ads, as well as native ads are quite new and I think that volume-wise -...
  7. AdMaven

    Tips to adjust ad creatives to connect with people stuck at home

    With web traffic rising and conversions growing across key verticals including gaming, entertainment, utility apps, and anti-virus installs - advertisers need to adjust their creatives to connect with over one billion customers stuck at home. How can I make my ad creatives more effective? 1...
  8. AdMaven

    Key Verticals & Traffic Booming For Advertisers During Corona Crisis

    Hey guys, as you probably know the COVID-19 is affecting our industry as much as it affects the entire world. We've wanted to share with some insights from the past two weeks: Last week, US web traffic climbed 20%, virtual private network, or VPN, jumped 30% and gaming skyrocketed 75%. With...
  9. AdMaven

    hi . i am Milad

    Welcome to the forum Melad! good luck
  10. AdMaven

    Hi, I am newbie

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Where did you run your push campaigns? What was your target? Would love to help you out as much as I can
  11. AdMaven

    Hello It's Nana from Prosper202/Tracking202

    Hey Nana! Welcome to the forum and thank you for your contribution :)
  12. AdMaven

    Case Study Push Ads vs. In-Push Ads

    Happy to hear you've had good results! In-Push ads are rising and it's just another great ad format that advertisers can try
  13. AdMaven

    Hey i'm kersley

    Welcome aboard! This is the right place to get it going :)
  14. AdMaven

    Hello from Germany

    Hey man! When you are ready for some more traffic sources, give us a shout :)
  15. AdMaven

    Next traffic source recommendation, please

    Not talking solely about us, but do you feel you got the most out of your existing traffic sources? Because each of the above has billions of imps combines together
  16. AdMaven

    ex-LittleThings Owner here!

    Yeah, Luke is quite the marketing champ :)
  17. AdMaven


    Sure, just contact me with your account setials in private and let's do it :)
  18. AdMaven


    Sure, Would you guys please contact us in private for account detials? That would be awesome :)
  19. AdMaven


    Oh cool :) So feel free to contact me, we got a bonus on top of your first deposit! Hope you find what you are looking here :)
  20. AdMaven

    Motivation thread - Whats your average daily profit?

    And I would like to add a question: On What ad Format? Interesting to know how much FB and how much pop and push advertisers we got here :)