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  1. MGID

    some idea to start MGID

    hi @mohh nor hope you are doing great! The payment verification might take some time, so no need to be worried. Let me pm you and we can check your account with us. @servandosilva thank you for the information above :)
  2. MGID


    Hi @shavster , You are welcome to run your campaigns with MGID and rest assured you'll be provided with a full support from our end, from the account set up to the creative service and the performance-based optimization. Feel free to ping me directly via Skype: alla.chernukha Cheers!
  3. MGID

    Retargeting your push traffic

    Hi there, Yes, push retargeting is available with MGID. Let me pm you to discuss more.
  4. MGID

    Guide How to Speed Up the Moderation Flow

    Hi Afflift members, All ads that run on native advertising platforms have to go through the standard procedures of moderation. In some cases, content moderation takes more time than usual, and there are distinct factors that make it difficult to pass moderation for some creatives. So what can...
  5. MGID

    Follow Along MGID Marathon of Free Educational Webinars

    Hi @wachtmeister You can watch all our recorded webinars here https://app.livestorm.co/mgid-1 Best regards, MGID team
  6. MGID

    Follow Along MGID Marathon of Free Educational Webinars

    Hey there, We are sure you already know that MGID had recently started a Marathon of Educational Webinars on Digital Advertising. Every Tuesday and Thursday our team of experts explores native advertising topics starting from market analysis and campaign optimization to case study discussions...
  7. MGID

    Official MGID - Global Native Ads and Native Push Notifications Marketplace

    Hi, we answered all your questions via pm. Regards, MGID team
  8. MGID

    Guide Digital Advertising Overview: Saudi Arabia (by MGID)

    Hi, Please, check your pm. Best regards, MGID team
  9. MGID

    Guide Advertising to the Quarantine Crowd: How to Connect with Users in a Time of Crisis

    Hi Afflift members, The Coronavirus outbreak is having a strong effect on marketing and sales in all verticals. What marketing moves should be taken by affiliate marketers to minimize revenue losses? In this article, we are going to discuss quick-win adaptation measures for your current...
  10. MGID

    Guide Digital Advertising Overview: Singapore (by MGID)

    GENERAL INFORMATION Singapore is the leading nation in repairing and building ships; it also has a center that refines and distributes oil (which is one of the largest in the world). Its harbor is the busiest in the world and is a very popular port for cruise lines. De jure Malay is the...
  11. MGID

    Best traffic source to drive leads (FTD) Finance binary

    Hi @ronaldo, please check your pm.
  12. MGID

    Guide Monetization tips & tricks from MGID

    Widget implementations that are frowned upon (not only by MGID) Hey Afflift members Recently, we covered the topic of maximizing your revenue within the MGID inventory. We previously focused on the Do’s; in this segment we will cover the Don't’s. We hope this will aid you in saving time and...
  13. MGID

    Guide Digital Advertising Overview: Saudi Arabia (by MGID)

    GENERAL INFORMATION Saudi Arabia is an oil-based economy and ranks as the largest exporter of petroleum. The official language is Arabic. GDP per capita reached $23,216 in 2018. GDP growth fell from 2.4% in 2018 to 1.7% in 2019. Immigrants make up 37% of the total population in search of...
  14. MGID

    ineed some help about native ads

    Hi, @mystario, When you launch a push campaign, widget IDs define the source of push traffic. MGID team
  15. MGID

    ineed some help about native ads

    Hi, @mystario Yes, unfortunately, you cannot see the website ID, but you can track the performance by widgets IDs. You should follow these steps: 1. go to the Advertisers Tab of your Dashboard; 2. you'll see the list of all your campaigns; 3. click the selective bidding icon in column Actions...
  16. MGID

    ineed some help about native ads

    Hi @mystario, Thanks for your question. You can track the revenue as a publisher in the Publishers Tab of your Dashboard. There you will be able to analyze data by your websites' domains or by each of your particular widgets. There are a lot of different parameters to check, like GEO, device...
  17. MGID

    Case Study How to earn 7000$ profit for 10 days and go to Asia for the winter

    Hey guys, check out the case study brought to you by dr.cash media buying team, follow the link! - Traffic period: 11 December - 21 December 2019 - Spent: $5 676 - Earned: $12 761 - ROI: 125% - Network: DR.CASH - Offer: 18310 - Joint Cure - COD - [VN] — $18 (AR 45%) - Traffic source: MGID...
  18. MGID

    Official MGID - Global Native Ads and Native Push Notifications Marketplace

    Hi, Afflift members 🚀 With the holiday season coming to a wrap, let’s look back at the achievements made over the year. We want to use this opportunity to thank you for your input that has helped us grow tremendously in 2019. We truly hope that our cooperation was a winning decision for you...
  19. MGID

    Guide Monetization tips & tricks from MGID

    How to monetize a website through push notifications Hey! When browsing the web, you often come across a request: “Allow or prohibit the sending of notifications?”. If you click “Allow,” then you will be added to the user list. From this moment onwards, websites can send notifications to you...