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  1. Luke

    Follow Along My Journey To $100/Day with ZeroPark ⭐️Completed⭐️

    Haha, no need to apologize for using a MaxBounty offer ;) As far as the numbers go, are you sure that report covers all the traffic you received from MegaPush? The timezone might be different. That seems like a large discrepancy.
  2. Luke

    Ebay Affiliate marketing VS Amazon Affiliate marketing

    I still drive traffic to Amazon products through my Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts. It's an underrated way to promote in my opinion. Lots of traction for original interesting products in the right niche. I also push eBay a bit, but Amazon performs much better for me.
  3. Luke

    My Introduction

    Hey Rajesh! Happy to have you here. What are you promoting with success on Facebook?
  4. Luke

    newbie need help to start his journey

    @medo25 have you taken action yet? :D
  5. Luke

    Follow Along Pre-schooler Punting on a Pommie Push Pathway (PropellorAds & BeMob)

    That's an interesting approach. Seems like there isn't enough volume. Seems like you should be able to increase your bid a bit to try to get more traffic. Wasn't available this weekend so I missed this, but I just moved your thread to the Push Notifications section and tagged it with the...
  6. Luke

    HilltopAds Review - Self-Serve Ad Network with Everything

    It's definitely important to do your own due diligence, which is why we've got the ratings section of the Link Directory for every traffic source we talk about here on affLIFT. You can also search the forum at the top right for the company name and find discussions about it...
  7. Luke

    March Madness! $1k in Prizes.

    Great, I'll be updating the list of threads that are in the contest so far soon :)
  8. Luke

    Mobile traffic - CPI - Mobile app offer

    PeerFly is always looking for good Android and iOS apps to promote via our publishers. Mind linking to a few of your apps for us all to check out?
  9. Luke

    Best traffic for Content Lockers

    I am pretty sure most PPV networks will not have any issue with you promoting a website with content locked. The biggest obstacle is your landing page and whatever content you have to lock (should be something you own in my opinion).
  10. Luke

    Does anyone have idea what happened to go2mobi?

    I'm pretty sure I had some money left in my go2mobi account too haha. Let me know if you find someone we can get our money from! :)
  11. Luke

    Big G is not for newbie? March Madness Contest

    LOL awesome.
  12. Luke

    Follow Along Facebook Lead Ads

    Appreciate the insights 👍
  13. Luke

    Push Notification Creatives

    Might want to try Squoosh. It lets you compress and resize easily for free (only takes like 20 seconds lol)
  14. Luke

    incentive add netoworks

    I've heard decent things about:
  15. Luke

    [WEBINAR]: TOP 7 Mistakes that are Killing your Push Notification сampaigns

    A trailer for a webinar... You guys are putting some resources into this. Looking forward to it :)
  16. Luke

    The BEST keyword to target (when you are allowed to)

    I've never got it to work for me, but I know other pubs that have. Might not be the most long term strategy though :)
  17. Luke

    Follow Along Mobidea Push: A Single Dashboard for Push Traffic

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about their platform, @snotb4ll :)
  18. Luke

    Case Study How to run push ads on gambling offers with limited budget

    You need to stop copying and pasting your links from wherever else you are posting them. They're broken every time.
  19. Luke

    Free Landing Page Builder from affLIFT

    Appreciate the feedback so far :)
  20. Luke

    HilltopAds Review - Self-Serve Ad Network with Everything

    They do have a higher minimum budget than a lot of ad networks. Not sure if they have a set minimum for push. I will look when I’m at my computer. I think with most push you’re going to need at least $20-30 per campaign