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  1. rankright

    link building

    Let's say I have scraped 1000 link prospects(Manually or using tools like paid scrapebox or free scraper from urlprofiler). Another option is to identify 5 top competitors in the niche and download all their backlinks. - I will then use urlprofiler + uclassify + majestic to trim that list down...
  2. rankright

    Comment by 'rankright' in article 'Introduce Yourself to the Community'

    Hi Luke & Afflifters, I'm Priyank Soni from India. A creative link builder and SEO expert with 9 years of experience. I own 2 affiliate sites and a link building agency - rankright.io, which builds in-content links with creative & personalized outreach. I focus & have deep Experience: -...
  3. rankright

    Follow Along Journey to 250 USD Daily Profit with CPA & SEO "passive"

    Hi Serpheus, I focus on personalized outreach to build quality backlinks. Can I help to take this follow along further? Not selling my service, but happy to have a look and make it right if possible.
  4. rankright

    link building

    Resource pages, links pages, curated links and broken links reclaimation are working good for us. But always be careful while vetting the prospects.