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Recent content by Zaky

  1. Z

    Follow Along EvaDav Push CPA + PopAds

    hello luke, wich one shold i choose and where i have to put the clickid in bemob ?
  2. Z

    Need help : monetizer with bemob and cpa goal propellerads !

    hello . Please i want to run compaign with monetizer using bemob and propeller ads cpa goal ! if there is video or screenshot i thank you very much
  3. Z

    🤑 Get the Latest Push-Optin Landers 🤑

    @Luke I'm interested in advance pack too! I have been direct linking push subs but I'm going to change it now
  4. Z

    Official LosPollos - Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payments | 24/7 Support

    i used paid traffic : zeropark and advertizer but Alex didnt pay me and he didnt answer my messages and i sent him a screenshot from my tracker. My user name is: zakarya
  5. Z

    [Ask Me Anything] IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ

    Hello, Don't use Advertizer with @LosPollos because they will not pay you like me.
  6. Z

    Official LosPollos - Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payments | 24/7 Support

    Hello, i used Advertiser and Zeropark with Mainstream smartlnik and you refuse to pay me.
  7. Z

    Need to edit ripped landing pages.

    You can use Sublime Text 3 too.
  8. Z

    Guide "Some Advice (For Beginners) Based On The First Steps I Took To Reach $XX,XXX/mo" - DEADZ

    Hello Luke, can we use Advertizer with offers allow PPV in peerfly?
  9. Z

    Follow Along Tonic + BeMob + LosPollos Rotator

    is it for desktop or mobile?
  10. Z

    [Giveaway] 10 PureLander Memberships!

    this is my favorite
  11. Z

    [Giveaway] 5 PureLander Memberships

    Zakarya from Algeria
  12. Z

    [Giveaway] 5 PureLander Memberships

  13. Z

    Push Traffic Discuss group

    hello, could you please give me the links of these groups?