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Recent content by zabassi81

  1. Z

    What is the best course for BING ADS?

    Hello, you can learn directly from bing ads academy : https://academy.bingads.microsoft.com/
  2. Z

    Follow Along Bing Ads with Clickbank and Custom LP

    Hello, 346 clicks is a good thing, it s difficult to make sale on the same time, I think you need to change your funnel so the customer enters his email for downloading the bonus before he arrives to the sale page. It's interesting that you build your email list.
  3. Z

    Case Study Propeller Ads + Mobidea (Push Notification CPM & CPC)

    yes your landing page converts verry well. congratulations !
  4. Z

    Need Help with bemob

    thanks @Luke and @BeMob
  5. Z

    Need Help with bemob

    Hello dear friends, Please, can someone help me how to configure bemob for detecting boot trafic ? Thanks in advance
  6. Z

    Member Map - Coming Soon!

    great idea, thanks
  7. Z

    Campaign next week. Need your thoughts.

    hi @Luke, yes that s very good, what is smart link ?
  8. Z

    Follow Along Follow Along PropellerAds + Peerfly + Bemob

    I think CPC is more interesting than CPM
  9. Z

    Follow Along First Follow Along: Max Bounty + Sweeps + Push Traffic

    good luck, be sure that your pre landing page is responsive for mobil trafic :)
  10. Z

    When To Kill a compaign ?

    thanks luke
  11. Z

    When To Kill a compaign ?

    Hello Dear Friends, can you explain me When Do I Know the company is not profitable and Kill it ? For example : if I have an offer with payout : 1.4$. how many clicks or how much spending without conversion for stopping it ? Thank you in advance
  12. Z

    PeerFlyOffers.com BETA

    great idea dear luck
  13. Z

    Follow Along Journey To $100/Day with PPV Traffic source.

    Congratulations Man ! Very Happy For You !
  14. Z

    Bing VS. Adwords For Affiliate

    Hello Nick, can you gave us an exemple of white hat lead generation on peerfly or maxbounty ? thank you