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Recent content by williaml

  1. williaml

    What am I doing wrong?

    @lxr386168334 new perspectives ? @Nick I'd say that with the amount you've spent and the fact that you're still not consistently profitable is normal. Other people that you see spending "several hundred bucks" and becoming profitable can easily be an illusion. You don't know how much they've...
  2. williaml

    payout vs epc

    I can understand the correlation between EPC and conversion rate. After so much data is known you can come up with these numbers for an offer. But a standard EPC is not possible because of there being so many different payouts. My question is, is there a standard conversion rate a person can use...
  3. williaml

    PopAds connection types

    I have never had a problem finding the carriers, except in popads. If the offers target carrier is not on the ISP list, do you just leave the your choices box empty?
  4. williaml

    PopAds connection types

    I didn't know how to target wifi in popads. I came here and there it is. Thanks for making that easy.
  5. williaml

    Which offer to promote?

    Can you please tell me if I am looking in a good place? I have found out about offervault. Are these top selling offers at the moment or are they based on something else? Why are those offers in offervault? I wrote down the offers for the cpa networks that I am a part of right now. How do these...
  6. williaml

    Step 14 - Success / Failure Stories

    That was a great pops guide. I definitely learned from it. My test campaign went pretty smooth. There were 7 smartlinks from mobipium that I tested compared to the 5 in the guide. Initial test, used $10 instead of the $5 suggested. Rev was $2.24. When the budget ran out, I used your analyzing...
  7. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    Yes, I got it sorted out. Or rather supertrackerlady did from bemob online support. The other night as I was wanting to quit this whole thing(again), she sent me a message out of the blue saying that she was there to help if she could. I will save the incredible story of what she did(at least i...
  8. williaml

    Step 4 - Setup PopAds in BeMob

    All the posts on this page are interesting to read, especially the posts from partners. I believe all to be valid, but I am only going to follow what LUKE states in the original post #1 on this page(or any other of this guide) and trust that he will guide us properly.
  9. williaml

    Step 1 - Apply for MOBIPIUM

    I tried on my own and I did not do very well. So, here I am starting from scratch following your guide. I am sure if I follow your way everything will come together better.
  10. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    is there an easy to use tracker that is in canada or the usa? that way online support is available
  11. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    bemob is telling me to save this one and it won't save. i click the bemob circle and it won't let me save tziri.bemobtrcks.com mobidea is telling me to save this one. click the bemob circle and it won't save http://tziri.bemobtrcks.com/postback?cid={{EXTERNAL_ID}}&payout={{MONEY}} on my own i...
  12. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    yep, that is exactly what i have been doing. i click bemob and add the postback from bemob and it won't save it. i click custom and it says to check all field are correct. the mobidea affiliate manager is on this. i have tried some trackers and then i tried tracking without a tracker, there is...
  13. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    https://www.cevad.xyz/?sl=5212478-8c0b7&data1=Track1&data2=Track2&tag={External_ID_from_traffic_source}&website={subID}&placement={sub_subID} That is the offer url I got from mobidea. Is that what you mean by tracking url? Here is the postback url from bemob i used in mobidea...
  14. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    I stopped the offers I was running in monetizer because actual offer conversions(leads) were not happening, only those pushrev conversions. There are and were no notifications under the bell icon. I have 3 mobidea campaigns running. 2 are in the green, but can't really optimize. I am chomping at...
  15. williaml

    need help using propeller ads tracking feature

    I cannot get the tracking to register any conversions in propeller. I have followed everything I was told and checked it twice and so much more. Getting tracking to work properly is so frustrating. I think this is where I am supposed to quit and say forget this. Well, I'm not. So I went back to...