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    Guide You are not alone - 22 Typical affiliate mistakes 📉🥲

    I really liked this phrase 😂 thank you @servandosilva, great post!
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    Misleading copy, how much?

    yes, they usually have a lot fewer regulations when it comes to online things
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    How to create an offer?

    a friend of mine created his own affiliate offers in the past with this: I have never used it personally before, but I think you might find what you're looking for here
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    Misleading copy, how much?

    I think that also depends on the regulations of the country itself, you can get away with a lot of things in most 3rd world countries that are particularly not allowed in other places
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    Guide Landing Pages 101

    Even with all the landing page builders, is that still mandatory?
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    Anstrex Pop Spy Tool Is Here and It Is Free During Beta

    Nice, let's give it a try!
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    ✅ What Skill Level Affiliate Are You?

    a complete beginner, I'm good at writing copy because of my background but I still suck at driving traffic and media buying
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    Problem setting up Bemob with Richads

    When I do this the link becomes invalid again, unless I change them back to capital letters
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    Problem setting up Bemob with Richads

    Here's the campaign URL that is supposed to go on Richards that my rep told me to edit & past(also based on the instructions on their website)
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    Problem setting up Bemob with Richads

    When I paste my bemb campaign link on Richards URL area, the platform says the link is invalid. I contacted my rep and they told me to change the "{" with "[" on the link so I did, and the link became valid. but even when I click on "make a conversion" nothing happens and the tracking is not...
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    CreativeBot Released As An AI Robot That Can Help Affiliates Write Ad Copy

    Great tool, thanks! Should I get offended if his copy performed better than mine? :ROFLMAO: