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Recent content by Tyoussef

  1. Tyoussef

    🖤 😱 Zeropark Deals — How To Make BFCM Offers Last… Forever!

    wow, that's amazing Magda.
  2. Tyoussef

    Hey There!

    welcome to the forum @Benimaru :) :) .
  3. Tyoussef

    Im back again and hello to everyone

    i hope your wife is fine and healthy. and i wish you good luck this time. start a new your journey in the forum, we are here to help each other.
  4. Tyoussef

    Setting Advertizer account

    good luck with your campaign @Real1038. i hope it's running now.
  5. Tyoussef

    Campaign Optimisation

    from the tracker stats i see that the offer payout is 0.79$ , means you will have to optimize aggressively like @servandosilva told you, and of course you need more data.
  6. Tyoussef

    Sweepstakes Offers| Looking for push traffic

    do you guys have sweeps CC submit offers ?.
  7. Tyoussef

    Looking for sweepstake offers that are good for native traffic

    you can also use https://www.offervault.com/ to find good offers, and from there you join the network.
  8. Tyoussef

    Case Study 466% ROI eCommerce Case Study!

    Thanks for sharing the case study @SelfAdvertiser.
  9. Tyoussef

    Networks to avoid killing your Cashflow as a beginner

    i will bookmark this. thanks lot servando
  10. Tyoussef

    Need a little assistance

    i think @servandosilva asked is your offer proven by you, is it converting for you on zeropark ?.
  11. Tyoussef

    AWS/ Hosting questions!

    hi @OmegaC, i also did a video tutorial about this, you can find it here. if you are stuck, you can always come back and ask :).
  12. Tyoussef

    Question about "Survey Traffic"

    i didn't use maxbounty recently, but i also think this is what they mean, and of course i can be wrong. the problem with maxbounty is their affiliate managers don't respond quickly.
  13. Tyoussef

    Optimizer script for Zeropark

    am always thinking on wrting a php script that does that :).
  14. Tyoussef

    GOOGLE ADS - LOW CTR from my review post/blog to affiliate offers or product

    your landers are looking nice. i suggest you focus on optimizing by keywords as @makifkaban said.
  15. Tyoussef

    Question about when to optimize a source

    you can also blacklist aggressively, that's another option for you.