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Recent content by Tyoussef

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  1. Tyoussef

    Does it make sense to launch adult dating in Tier 3 countries?

    it's always better to test something. you never know what will work for you. and also it's better to ask your affiliate manager, he can give you some isight about that.
  2. Tyoussef

    Hello Afflift My name is Igor

    welcome to the forum @IgorSia enjoy your stay here. not bad at all. keep going brother.
  3. Tyoussef

    Are you running in-page push?

    am sure it's worth a test on any campaign.
  4. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Leadbit Nutra COD Contest Follow Along

    that's good @varunkeskar any order delivered till now ?
  5. Tyoussef

    Follow Along TacoLoco + iMonetizeIt + ProPush

    this is amazing @Luke. i see the revenue from ProPush is amazing .
  6. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Pops Guide - Starting my journey

    did u run a smart link there as well, or a single offer ?
  7. Tyoussef

    Guide Cleaning a lander walkthrough

    thanks for sharing this @agentf (y)(y)
  8. Tyoussef

    Case Study KeyCDN vs. Cloudflare CDN - Which one is faster for your landing pages?

    thanks for the effort you put in this @servandosilva the test results are very interesting. do you think cloudfront will have better results?.
  9. Tyoussef

    MOBIPIUM's New Interface UNVEILED!

    Nice update @MOBIPIUM
  10. Tyoussef

    Guide Connecting your landing pages to Sendy

    @varunkeskar thanks for sharing this guide. you can also do it using the action attribute of your html form, but it's better to do it using javascript onClick.
  11. Tyoussef

    Guide One simple trick to come up with new ad copies/angles!

    thanks for sharing this @varunkeskar. it's a good idea, i have an email only for spying :cool:.
  12. Tyoussef

    Send Leads Using API

    that makes sense @ClickDealer am sure it will not be for everybody.
  13. Tyoussef

    Guide Spy on others like professional Part 3 "Go beyond Limits "

    perfect @Akahma. this is an amazing idea. because once you get the domain name you can just put that in the spy tool, and boom => all the campaigns.
  14. Tyoussef

    Case Study SMS Marketing On Fire

    @jonathanbouchard thanks for sharing this method and your stats with us brother.
  15. Tyoussef

    Follow Along Adsterra Social Bar + Mobile Content Offers From Golden Goose!

    oops, that's nice. any good result after doing this optimisation ?.