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    Guide Don't make this mistake when testing new campaigns ❌

    Another outstanding guide from @servandosilva that problem happens a lot, especially with pop traffic sources.
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    Tracking Problems

    what is your flow ?. email -> tracking link -> CPA offer is that right ?.
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    Gaming Offers

    I used to do that with survey landing pages, but with Facebook ads in 2014 :LOL:
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    Choco Cookie is here!

    Welcome to the forum @ChocoCookie 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
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    Landing pages for Bing/Google Ads traffic

    if you want to build a landing page you can use purelander it's very affordable but if you want to build an opt-in page you can hire someone to build you one, and you keep changing the content and the images . or you can use other online services to build them like (instapages, clickfunnels...
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    Landing pages for Bing/Google Ads traffic

    do you want to build a landing page or an op-tin page ?.
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    Follow Along FUN experiment with Revcontent : Tier 3 Scattershot Campaign!

    i can't wait to see the first result
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    Voluum + bing/google ads = ban?

    Maybe that guy is not using his own custom domain name, he is using the default subdomain name that voluum provided him. Am 90% sure that he is doing something wrong, that guys was using Adsbridge with no problems, and adsbradge and voluum are tracking using the same principle.
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    Coupons and discounts web

    hi @Ramagu you can test facebook ads, but keep in mind that you can't use google search ads with this, companies don't want affiliates to bid on their branded keywords.
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    purelander Exit Popup feature Can't open webpage after adding image?

    @simcmcc can you please provide us more details?
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    newbie here

    welcome to the forum @blninja.
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    this stupid war makes me anxious too :mad:
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    Scaling Native Campaign

    Create a new campaign with higher bid and see. but i suggest the WL method as @paragjajoo04 mentioned. by the way, this type of offers can work with push traffic too.
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    thanks for sharing this article @Roller Ads.
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    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Jimmy

    thanks @Luke and thanks @jimmyvanilla for sharing the interview :)