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    Step 10 - Campaign Optimization

    So I've launched a few campaigns with the finance offer in different geos and tested different landers. I tend to get CTRs between 15%-25% and CRs around 10%-20%, however after 24 hours my ROI on these campaigns would always be negative usually around -30% to -50%. From reading this thread I...
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    LP language for geos that use multiple languages?

    Thanks! Is using the most common language in the geo and not filter on traffic language generally the best practice? Asking because there are regions like IN where local languages are much more diverse...
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    LP language for geos that use multiple languages?

    Hello I'm quite new to this whole thing and just started working with survey offers. While the offer I have is auto translated based on browser language, my LP is only in English. For instance if I want to run the offer with SA traffic, should I then only buy traffic with browser lang=EN, or...
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    Step 7 - Add Landing Pages to BeMob

    Is there a way to test the LP and CTA before campaign goes live? As the CTA is linked to the tracker link, simply visiting the hosted LP and clicking through the link doesn't work presumably because it doesn't have the campaign 'context'? This is the error I'm getting:
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    Step 1 - Apply for MOBIPIUM

    @Luke @MOBIPIUM Just applied with [email protected] Looking forward to beginning the journey!