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Recent content by sarveshpandey89

  1. sarveshpandey89

    Funding and withdrawing from accounts

    Anyone here tried Paxum??
  2. sarveshpandey89

    question about sendy.co

    I am lookign for a solution too, can you please share it?
  3. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along SelfAdvertiser Contest - Push notifications with a CPL insurance offer

    Nice! good to see the progress.. can I know what insurance it is? Like is it health/car/travel? What niche?
  4. sarveshpandey89

    Sendy 5.0 Released

    This update looks pretty good... specially the rules and segmentation part
  5. sarveshpandey89

    Sharing a few things that I learned

    +1 to Nick. Instead of putting it on button, better have a white page between your LP and offer page and it fires all your required pixels. BUT my question here is, how can Varun use that FB/Google pixel info? Google/FB doesn't allow promoting Gambling related offers UNLESS you own the brand.
  6. sarveshpandey89

    Official ProfitSocial -Smartlink Platform from direct advertiser

    Considering how long you guys took just to reply back on my application.. I have now doubts whether I will get paid timely.. so I don't think I want to apply now.
  7. sarveshpandey89

    [GIVEAWAY] 75 Landing Page Pack to 10 Members!

    My fav ones currently right now are Casino and Adults!
  8. sarveshpandey89

    Official ProfitSocial -Smartlink Platform from direct advertiser

    Can someone please help in getting approved with your network? I had applied last week, I gave all the answers to the questions via Skype to AM (her name is Vika) but AM has stopped replying. I replied to all the questions on 2nd Sept and its been 1 week today but no reply. My AM "sees" my...
  9. sarveshpandey89

    Guide ❌📝❌ Using PropellerAds API to Make Blacklists (or Whitelists)

    Wow Nick! This is so amazing. This guide is so so useful. Going to use it to see my Zones for sure.
  10. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along EvaDav & Pay Per Call - Credit Repair!

    Wow! this last post is so nicely explained and the flowchart is so beautiful. I really hope that you see positive sustainable ROI asap. Thank you so much for putting effort in giving us all these detail. I am sure each one of us really appreciate this. Thank you sir. p.s: I had to bookmark and...
  11. sarveshpandey89

    Follow Along EvaDav & Pay Per Call - Credit Repair!

    Wow! This is interesting. I loved the whole flow.. this is something different. My eyes on this follow-up for sure..
  12. sarveshpandey89

    Amazon SES Limit Increase

    lol! Then you got lucky I guess. One of my friend had a nice fitness related site and domain, his request was rejected. My request was rejected because of the domain I think.. I had to get another fresh new domain which wasn't money making related
  13. sarveshpandey89

    Amazon SES Limit Increase

    It doesn't matter. They check your domain and your website to decide whether they want to allow you to get out of Sandbox. I was rejected on my first request and I hadn't sent out a single email that time