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    official starting out guide/basic information on each topic discussed here

    im looking at forums and i ccant find like official guide on each category,you knowing something to start on from. A lot of questions but cant find courses like pops guide,etc.. maybe im wrong and you can direct me to the link Idk if you guys feel understand me
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    What ive learned so far,basics of affiliate marketing

    As you want to share content you can find top articles on ubersuggest
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    What ive learned so far,basics of affiliate marketing

    Guys if you see errrors or things you know need to be expanded on like the little details then please comment ass this will help others. Ima be gettting into the specifics as well,wish me luck! :)
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    What ive learned so far,basics of affiliate marketing

    Going to start up by saying that affiliate marketing is simple: Decide a niche you live in. Find a good affiliate network with good offers on niche. Talk to your affiliate manager and ask him for best offer and traffic source. if its facebook then you want to Set up an add account. Go to ads...
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    Hi:)Sanders from Miami Florida!

    Thank you Neil for the warm welcome and tip,yeah ill be posting questions as i go along :)
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    Quick question on clickbank

    So im wondering here trying to decide i i should with clickbank or aa regular offer from good network. I have a Fb fan page acc with 5 posts. i think i can start promoting on Cb but maybe i need more posts. Should i start with clickbank promoting offers thats converting well or be more careful...
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    Hi:)Sanders from Miami Florida!

    Thanks for the welcome! :)
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    Hi:)Sanders from Miami Florida!

    Have to start it off by saying that its a pleasure to be part of this community,I've been studying affiliate marketing for about 3 years(on and off) I started learning about cpa marketing back in 2017 when I was 17. Im now 22 and been studying consitently for about a good 2-3 months. I love to...
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    Mail marketing Journey

    You should do some fb lead ads(traffic) to an email sequence from an autoresponder. Give something away for their email (pds,audio,digital product) , You can hire someone on upwork to create a short pdf( 25-40 pages) as a tease and then further more qualitive product to sell. theres plenty of...
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    What do you want to learn in 2022? We want your content ideas!

    I want to learn my niche as much as possible so i can know how to market to them. I want to have a lot of great content on my fb and ig page so i can be someone of credibility. Then promote an offer thats perfect for my audience and build an email list . i want to be a great copywriter. i want...