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    Where and how to ?

    Thanks, Luke!
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    Where and how to ?

    Thanks for your answers. I know how things work, and I am a strong believer in planning things ahead. I used to do SEO, Adwords and Facebook ads, that was classic back in the days. ( I started with The RichJerk program) I have a ton of guides, I have bought many WSO and other courses but...
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    Where and how to ?

    Hi to all, I am at work for 12 hours every day, so I have limited time to work online. Since I am trying to make it online for more then a decade now I am still lost... Information overload is a real disease and make it on my own is really hard. Since I had some success with Clickbank in the...
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    Goals for 2019

    Hi, my number one goal for 2019 is to quit my current job!!!
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    Which country do you live in?

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    hello from Rome

    Hi, neighbor...CPA is something that I want to learn to...
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    Hi from me...

    Hi again, I am trying to make it online for almost ten years now, with very little success. I have learned WordPress, learn about SEO, I have done paid traffic ( AdWords, Facebook ads and played little with Bing Ads ). I have promised my self and my family that I would succeed. Currently, I...