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Recent content by qtobrooklyn

  1. qtobrooklyn

    RTX Platform suggested bid feature

    Well i wonder if i am my own competition, because i can target 1 keyword using 3 different target types (Domain, URL, URL + Page Content). And i'm doing exactly that with all my targets so that i can see which target type converts best. So if i'm targeting the same domain 3 times, it could be...
  2. qtobrooklyn

    RTX Platform suggested bid feature

    Anyone familiar with how exactly this feature works? Every couple of months i come back to RTX to run some pop campaigns, and within like a week i end up pricing myself out of domain keywords because i keep using the "increase to suggested bid" feature and the suggested bid seems to go up every...
  3. qtobrooklyn

    Pop/PPV networks with keyword (domain) targeting

    With AdCash, what exactly is the difference between 'Domain' and 'URL Keywords' targeting? I'm guessing 'URL Keywords' means anywhere in the URL (including long string)? Also, does 'Domain" targeting mean i can target whatever domain i want, just like at RTX and Zeropark?