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Recent content by pmahes

  1. pmahes

    Native Ads For Lead Generation Offers

    I run a pay-per-lead agency working directly with clients, but I'm making the switch to working with an exchange/network so I don't need to manage 40-50 clients making small 20-30 leads per month orders
  2. pmahes

    Native Ads For Lead Generation Offers

    Haha, awesome. I think home improvement offers are where it's at right now with the pandemic and people wanting to upgrade their homes. Bath remodel is doing well for me. I've heard windows is doing well too.
  3. pmahes

    Native Ads For Lead Generation Offers

    Hey, is anyone here running lead generation offers (home improvement, mortgage, etc.) using native ads? Looking to connect with others and mastermind on this topic.
  4. pmahes

    Guide Get Started With Native Campaigns On VoluumDSP (What They Don't Want You To Know)

    Great write-up! I've been hoping for more native ads content in Afflift. I recall reading somewhere that you get Voluum tracker for free or at a discount if you use their DSP. Is that correct?
  5. pmahes

    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Nick Lenihan

    Great interview!
  6. pmahes

    Guide How to promote e-commerce on Native? Learnings from 2020

    Great post - signed up for Anstrex just a few hours ago! :)
  7. pmahes

    Native Ads for Physical Product Offers

    Thanks for your response! @servandosilva I was approved with Giddyup so I'll likely be testing their gadget/ecom offers! Just trying to figure out which native ad network would be best to start with for their offers as well as a good starting budget.
  8. pmahes

    Native Ads for Physical Product Offers

    Hi guys, hope all is well! I am looking to get into native ads for physical product affiliate offers. What native ad network would be the best place to start for this niche? What would also be a good starting budget per day to test offers? Would love to hear from some of the native pros here on...
  9. pmahes

    Follow Along The slowest but rather interesting SEO follow along

    Excited about this! I've been slacking on building a blog, but might just start one now after seeing this
  10. pmahes

    Guide Sushiparlour’s Guide To Making Money with Push Notifications 💰💰💰

    I think we need a second and third place prize! haha
  11. pmahes

    Ideas For Sweepstakes Landing Pages

    Thanks for the recommendation! I will sign up to them. Is there an Anstrex deal for afflift members? Checked the promo page but didn't see anything.
  12. pmahes

    Ideas For Sweepstakes Landing Pages

    Thank you! I will get a spy tool and see what landing pages people are running