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    Marketers that can code! Where or how did you learn?

    Hey, i'm thinking about learning how to code mostly so that I can create and customize landing pages. So much time and money is spent handing off small projects to freelancers, so I figure it's better if I can just do it myself. Curious to hear where people learned to code or best places to...
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    Guide 👷‍♂️ Building a Longer-Term Whitehat Lead Generation Machine

    Hey @Nick, great post! I'm curious, how are you turning quiz submits into phone calls?
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    Anyone here running finance campaigns ?

    Nice! Since 2015, must have seen a lot of changes over the years. I started off on Facebook but with the threat of accounts going down, I switched over to Youtube. I found that the quality was better on YT and clients were happier as a result (I work direct with buyers). Ah got it! Is there a...
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    Anyone here running finance campaigns ?

    Hey KJ, I'm running life insurance campaigns but on YT not native. Spending about 10-20k/m. I've been thinking about expanding into the native space. What has your experience been so far with native ads and local lead generation (life insurance, home remodel, etc.)? Do you find it's cheaper to...
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    Whitehat Lead Gen - The vertical affiliates aren't talking about

    Around a year now, so it's in line with the pandemic for sure. Life insurance is another vertical that's been doing well in the pandemic
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    Whitehat Lead Gen - The vertical affiliates aren't talking about

    Yes, please do! Would love to see how you did this
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    Whitehat Lead Gen - The vertical affiliates aren't talking about

    Great post @servandosilva, these types of offers are all we do at my agency, although directly with clients. We are in the process of making the switch to work with a network so we don't have to deal with client management. Remodel is crushing it across the US right now.
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    New Course! Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery 🚀

    This looks awesome! Not too familiar with the sweepstakes vertical. Interested to hear what kind of results people are getting using push ads and sweepstakes offers.
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    Native Ads For Lead Generation Offers

    I run a pay-per-lead agency working directly with clients, but I'm making the switch to working with an exchange/network so I don't need to manage 40-50 clients making small 20-30 leads per month orders
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    Native Ads For Lead Generation Offers

    Haha, awesome. I think home improvement offers are where it's at right now with the pandemic and people wanting to upgrade their homes. Bath remodel is doing well for me. I've heard windows is doing well too.
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    Native Ads For Lead Generation Offers

    Hey, is anyone here running lead generation offers (home improvement, mortgage, etc.) using native ads? Looking to connect with others and mastermind on this topic.
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    Guide Get Started With Native Campaigns On VoluumDSP (What They Don't Want You To Know)

    Great write-up! I've been hoping for more native ads content in Afflift. I recall reading somewhere that you get Voluum tracker for free or at a discount if you use their DSP. Is that correct?
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    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Nick Lenihan

    Great interview!
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    Guide How to promote e-commerce on Native? Learnings from 2020

    Great post - signed up for Anstrex just a few hours ago! :)