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Recent content by omeyer

  1. omeyer

    The BEST keyword to target (when you are allowed to)

    Quick dumb question. Is each of this lines one product? Meaning, you only bid on the exact product name in phrase match, no variation?
  2. omeyer

    How do you keep your cash-flow on going?

    Great post and some great answers, as well. I have a follow-up question for you. What is an ok ad-budget to start with making sure we aren't coming in that situation as the thread starter is facing, after just a few days?
  3. omeyer

    Step 7 - Add our BeMob Postback to MOBIPIUM

    Hi. Sort of. I had to deposit a new payment from my private Visa. That payment went through.
  4. omeyer

    Hi from Norway

    Hi, and thanks for your kind words. I have not decided 100% what kind of niches I want to concentrate on. For now, I have all my focus on learning a different kind of traffic methods. This is also my reason to join this community to see what Luke does in his new report about POP-traffic.
  5. omeyer

    Step 7 - Add our BeMob Postback to MOBIPIUM

    Fantastic. The first 7 step done. I have to wait until PopAds is accepting my payment before continuing with step 8. The payment is suspended. Probably because the payment went for my UK PayPal account when I am in Norway.
  6. omeyer

    Hi from Norway

    Hi, and thanks servandosilva. I will be like an affiliate here. I will also work directly with national and global companies helping them getting leads for their business. I will not be an aff network.
  7. omeyer

    Hi from Norway

    Hi all. My name is Oddvar. I am from Norway. My wife and I just registered an LTD company in the UK with a focus on lead gen and affiliate marketing. I hope this forum will help me find answers to the questions I will have in my journey and that I can give back to this community with some of...