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Recent content by noisyboy

  1. noisyboy

    Do traffic sources "steal" our campaigns?

    Yeah, most traffic sources have their own media buying team and they already have an advantage over small-time affiliates because of the sheer amount of data they have available to them. Some traffic sources even ask you for your vertical when creating a campaign so that they can categorize the...
  2. noisyboy

    Follow Along Mastering Monetizer Smartlinks (WW & Targeted Links)

    Nice to see some green, @jimmyvanilla. Are you passing conversions back to the traffic source?
  3. noisyboy

    May 7th MOBIPIUM's best 10 mVAS offers

    How do you recommend promoting these gaming offers? I've never had much success with them on pop traffic, I mean the results were inconsistent for me to be able to scale.
  4. noisyboy

    Big pop campaigns tracking solutions

    That's nice. How much does that cost if you don't mind answering? Also, what about hosting? Do you use AWS?
  5. noisyboy

    Big pop campaigns tracking solutions

    @doubledouble I've been using Voluum, but their overcharges are bloody expensive. Been thinking of switching to Binom for a while to run some high-volume pop campaigns. The best way would be to set up multiple servers for different locations you run campaigns in. Anyway, what kind of hosting...
  6. noisyboy

    Follow Along Mastering Monetizer Smartlinks (WW & Targeted Links)

    Good to see you back in action, @jimmyvanilla. Let’s make em dollars poppin’. 😃
  7. noisyboy

    [GIVEAWAY] Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery Course

    Just today I was thinking about this.. How on earth did I get lucky?
  8. noisyboy

    Follow Along Surveys + Zeydoo + ? = 🚀🌕

    Nicely done, @Nick. Some of these campaigns look like long time winners if you're allowed to run them again. Anyway, what kind of CPA goal are you using for these campaigns to start with? I mean what % of payout?
  9. noisyboy

    Official 📣 NEW offer, Insider info & tips to succeed on the Adcash platform + AUA (Ask Us Anything)

    I already have an Adcash account but haven't really been able to spend much there as I'm still learning the ropes, but their CPA algorithm is pretty good and was able to find a few profitable segments for a few of my campaigns. I wish @Adcash would let existing advertisers avail this offer...
  10. noisyboy

    [GIVEAWAY] Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery Course

    Mine is PropellerAds.
  11. noisyboy

    Follow Along Surveys + Zeydoo + ? = 🚀🌕

    This one should be interesting. @Nick Don't let us down :D
  12. noisyboy

    Hey from Adsterra! All your questions are welcome :)

    How do I track costs if I'm running CPA campaigns? Since yours is not a true CPA model (where you only pay for conversions), I guess "##COST_CPA##" will only send back the CPA target I've set inside my campaign? @Adsterra
  13. noisyboy

    Follow Along MaxWeb+ Voluum DSP Native Ads Follow Along

    @doubledouble What are you using for monetization? Are you using parked domains? If so, what service would you recommend?
  14. noisyboy

    Follow Along Zeydoo Survey Offers+Adsterra CPA Model

    They’re probably building an email list and sending out high payout finance offers like crypto. Just my guess.
  15. noisyboy

    Guide Disabling Postback for Smart Fallback Conversions on Monetizer

    If you are running CPA goal/target campaigns with offers from Monetizer having "Smart Fallback" on, it can really mess up the CPA goal algorithm if Monetizer is passing back conversions with lower conversions. Nick had suggested putting the offer link as a campaign in your tracker as a solution...