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    Follow Along AdMaven + BeMob + Traffic Company = profit? :)

    Not sure how AdMaven works, but you could try and increase your bid to get more traffic. Generally, it's an auction and the highest bidder wins. You can sometimes get some really good traffic by bidding high ;)
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    Charles Ngo Affiliate Marketing 2.0 Crash Course

    Absolutely nothing groundbreaking. A total sales show. I've been doing this exact same thing on Facebook for all of 2018. I was going to write about this on my blog (maybe I still will), but here are the basics to get started: 1. You make a 'brand' website in a whitehat niche (home...
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    Email Marketing {real} Tracking

    I may be wrong, but technically isn't any affiliate tracking system able to integrate with Zapier? (might need to set it up slightly different, like zapier before the tracking system instead of after)
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    The Most Converting Offers of January 2019

    How do you know the offers are the best converting? I don't see stats on your site?
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    Follow Along Follow me as I try to launch ClickerVolt

    Maybe instead of going with a sales page... copy what works? You've even said yourself that it's unconventional for a tracker to do that. I'd mimic what other trackers do with their landing pages. Also, is there any way you can offer a free trial somehow?
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    Propeller Publisher + Propeller PopUnders

    Have you ran some traffic to this yet, or just finally got set up and are getting ready to? Can't wait to see your results.
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    Funny FB Post

    haha. I bet a lot of people wonder why they get so many messages like that because most of the tactics people use to get them to subscribe are pretty misleading.
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    snapchat didn't approve my campaign !

    I don't have direct experience with SnapChat, but I think someone mentioned on a thread here you basically need to get an account rep, otherwise your ads get disapproved even if they are copies of what you already see on the platform.
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    Need the strategy in Zeropark with redirect traffic

    Yeah there are a ton of different landers for that vertical. Lots to test. Maybe also try pops because they are cheaper to test with. If you’re doing mobile you can target just WiFi since that traffic is cheaper than carrier.
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    Need the strategy in Zeropark with redirect traffic

    You can have a 100% CTR but it doesn’t mean it will convert. I’d suggest testing more landers. What types of offers are you doing?
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    Need the strategy in Zeropark with redirect traffic

    Probably need to test more landers to be sure you have a good one. How sure are you your landers convert?
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    Need the strategy in Zeropark with redirect traffic

    Are you direct linking or using a landing page? If you're just direct linking, that's probably your problem. Most offers need a pre-sell page, or landing page, to get the offer to convert (at least well), particularly on low intent traffic like that.
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    Where to get Q&A Lander ?

    So much extra code... :rolleyes:
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    How To Create Advertorial Landing Page

    PureLander doesn't have advertorials.
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    MegaPush bug when editing campaigns

    @erikgyepes Woah! That's insane.
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    How To Create Advertorial Landing Page

    Easiest way: rip one and then modify it to how you want it to look.
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    Using Wix Website as landing page

    Could be, but free always comes with a price. May it be slow loading times, unreliable uptime, etc. You can host landing pages free (depending on volume) on Amazon for 1 year. Check out my blog for a guide to get it setup.
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    How to Get Answers From Facebook?

    The only help I know of is the live chat if you're paying for ads. Maybe someone else knows something else. Overall they are pretty unhelpful for most things. LOL
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    Using Wix Website as landing page

    You should not use Wix to host your landing pages if you're paying for traffic. What you want to do is impossible with Wix:
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    Which spy tool good for Facebook Ads ?

    If you know pages related to what you want to promote, you can just visit those pages and click "info and ads" and it will show you the ads currently active for that page.
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    Where to get Q&A Lander ?

    Purelander has some.
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    How Do Affiliate Networks Identify Your Landing Page

    Haha. Are you saying that they can identify them with different methods, or that I shouldn't have to hide my landing page from a network? If it's the latter, yeah I agree, but some networks can do shady things.
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    How Do Affiliate Networks Identify Your Landing Page

    First, I'd like to say I know next to nothing about cloaking. I'm wondering though how affiliate networks identify the landing pages of their affiliates? Is it simply from the 'referrer' header? I know you can hide your landing page with meta, or double meta refreshes, but they are slow...
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    Not Getting Approved on ZeroPark

    Can you maybe email them and ask why? It's hard to tell why you're getting denied. Maybe you're mentioning offers they don't want to be advertised on their traffic, or maybe you say you don't have a tracker? Those are the only things I can think of, but you didn't provide much info.
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    Finding any affiliate network for app offers

    I've never heard of that network, but maybe others have. One thing I always like to mention about CPI/app offers is that they are different than they used to be. The app owners now know their metrics really well, so most of the install offers have KPIs you need to meet or you may not be paid at...
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    POP Traffic Optimization Based On CTR%

    Optimize based on spend. Example: your offer pays $5. If you want to cut aggressively then when a placement spends $5 and there is no conversion, pause it. Some people will spend 2-3x payout before cutting a placement. Depends on how you want to run your campaign. I suppose you could optimize...
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    Follow Along RichPush+Peerfly Follow Along (January Contest )

    After removing that pub you can get more traffic from other placements. You're probably getting all that traffic from one placement because that placement sucks and no one is bidding on it.
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    Follow Along RichPush+Peerfly Follow Along (January Contest )

    If you can get the CLICKID that converted in the PeerFly interface you can manually upload the conversion to BeMob in the settings.
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    2 Gambling Offers Converting

    Don't trust Google Translate for German either. It gives you some wacky translations.
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    What browser do you use?

    I'm always curious to know why an affiliate would run an ad blocker. Don't you want to see them for your own benefit? I know I do ;)
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    Does anyone use amazon S3 buckets?

    A wildcard will select a bunch of files at once. Here's an example: /allmylandersonamazon/* That will invalidate all the files in that folder.
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    Does anyone use amazon S3 buckets?

    Cache invalidation is a non-issue... unless you need to invalidate the cache over 1,000 times per month. Use a wildcard (*) and you can invalidate everything as just 1 request. You get 1,000 free per month. The extra HTTPS cost isn't that much either. 100 mil requests are just $120/mo. If...
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    Does anyone use amazon S3 buckets?

    I'm not familiar with GoDaddy. There is a DNS option to verify ownership with your domain, which I believe GoDaddy has.
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    Does anyone use amazon S3 buckets?

    I chose to not use Cloudflare because I read they give preference to the paid plans (I would've just used the free one), which makes sense. I didn't want to run into issues later on and CloudFront is cheap.
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    Funny story about Rich Push and PropellerAds

    lol. Oh yeah that problem returns. I wonder if there is a way to do it with @BeMob too
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    Funny story about Rich Push and PropellerAds

    You probably need to use another campaign URL on the thank you page to track that 2nd conversion. There might be a way to make multi-step conversions, but I haven't done it.
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    Does anyone use amazon S3 buckets?

    I believe Chrome will say you're basically a scammer when someone visits your landing page without SSL (could be wrong). I recently published this guide on my blog showing how to fully setup S3 + CloudFront with SSL. It's pretty easy to do.
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    Funny story about Rich Push and PropellerAds

    You can use the 'conversion pixel' from bemob on your thank you page. I've done that in the past. It will count a conversion when someone lands on it.
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    Follow Along Zeropark + Voluum + PeerFly. Goal = Spot 3 Profitable campaigns

    You're off to a pretty good start. Here's what I would suggest. I think the Baby email submit might be too niche for the type of traffic you're bidding on. If you think about it you basically need to find moms. Redirect traffic can come from all kinds of sites not necessarily targeting moms...
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    Follow Along RichPush + Peerfly

    Looks good so far. I'm following. It sounds like you're direct linking. If that's the case, the url in BeMob doesn't really matter (just good to use a custom one to be safe) because the user shouldn't really even see this. Anyway, if you start using landers in this niche you can use the one...
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    VPS Hosting Location?

    You have to have multiple VPS to run most efficiently if you choose to use one. With S3, I'm fairly sure the location only affects your costs (if also using CloudFront). If you select US for example and are promote stuff in Asia, then the data has to travel further, incurring more cost. edit...
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    Looking for affiliates from around the world!

    Can you order the "Standard" version instead of the "Europe" version if you live in Europe? :p
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    Follow Along DatsPush Follow Along - FBS Indonesia

    Offers that pay peanuts can be the best for learning. Usually, they are easy to convert, so you'll get a lot of conversions to optimize with.
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    Landing Pages With Pop Traffic

    IMO = in my opinion For CPA I manually code the pages. Usually, I rip them from AdPlexity and then edit/improve them.
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    Case Study My Push Adventure

    I would modify your code to something like this: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function delayer(){ window.location = "" } </script> </head> <body onload="setTimeout(delayer, 200);"> <h2>This is my epic headline</h2> <p>Click my link if...
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    Are you creating landing pages for Push traffic in Sweeps Vertical?

    Most of the time a landing page will convert better, but you have to split test to find out.
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    Landing Pages With Pop Traffic

    Yes, this is correct. The thing is if you see an offer converting for other people on a network, you don't know what kind of traffic they are using. They could be using search, email, social, etc., which is better quality than other sources. There are so many types of traffic with different...
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    PureLander is A secret !

    I think @Tyoussef sets all of the outbound links to by default. You just need to edit the HTML and replace google with your tracking link.
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    PureLander is A secret !

    Maybe you have a cookie saved on your windows machine with the CLICKID, so you can click the CTA and go to the offer? If you click a CTA button with your click url ( without going through the campaign link, you won't be able to view the offer and you will get the "Error...
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    Should I kill these campaigns?

    Set up a bot trap. Make a campaign with 2 offers. On the landing page you want to use .js to redirect a user after 200ms to offer 1. Then on that same landing page make a CTA linking to offer 2. If there are clicks to offer 2 they are highly likely to be bots, as no human can click a link in...
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    BeMob for general tracking

    Maybe you create 1 traffic source for email... offers for where you want to send people to when they click... and a separate campaign for each email?
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    BeMob for general tracking

    I've never done this, so I'm just guessing. I would've thought you could hardcode a parameter in the URL, but @JackySan is right. I just tested hardcoding a custom parameter and it didn't work.
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    New Propeller Ads Features

    I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate the new cost token for push ;)
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    Looking for some financial offer - specially Credit score/repair offer

    W4 has some, but a lot of their campaigns are for email traffic. Some of the credit score offers aren't though. You can also search and see if you find other offers.
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    BeMob for general tracking

    I think this could be possible. You can hit up @BeMob support and I'm sure they will be happy to help you. They are very helpful. Maybe something like: Traffic source = email Offer = one for each email Campaign = might need one for each email, but maybe could use a flow somehow and send them to...
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    Which affiliate networks to join first?

    Mobidea Addiliate AffiliaXe ClickDealer W4 Monetizer (to send your wrong GEO traffic that will inevitably still come through your campaign even though you aren't targeting it)
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    Propeller Banner Size Trigger?

    This may or may not help you: It's not for PropellerAds, but I'm assuming they display similar, but who actually knows?
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    Follow Along Leadgen with Push Notifications

    What GEO are you targeting where you can't spend that much money?
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    PureLander is A secret !

    Spin the wheel ;)
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    2019 - The Year of Push?

    Let's push it to the limit!
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    Follow Along Journey to first green campaign in Push (PropellerAds) + PeerFly + BeMob

    You need a VPN. I use NordVPN, but there are some other choices here. They vary in price and coverage.
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    Follow Along Gambling/Casino Propellerads + PeerFly Direct Linking (No tracker)

    I would keep running this for sure; looks good. Spend some more and block the zones that aren't converting after spending anywhere from 1 - 3x the payout (I'll leave that decision up to you; you'd probably profit faster doing just 1x). I wouldn't move zones to a new campaign yet. You kinda want...
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    Thank You Message: My First Milestone Achieved! 77 conversions today!

    Congrats! Some food for thought: don't assume that higher payout offers = higher ROI. You can make good roi with offers that pay cents; depends on the offer and how you promote it ;)
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    Where should i host my landing pages? shared?Vps?cloud?

    Can you explain how you setup Rackspace Cloud Files with a CNAME and SSL? According to this article from Oct 2018 CNAMES don't work with SSL.
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    Follow Along Gambling/Casino Propellerads + PeerFly Direct Linking (No tracker)

    Are you using a lander? If not, might be worth a split test to see if you can increase the CVR with a lander.
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    Anyone have an Honest Review of LanderBolt?

    Alright, I've had some time this week to test out LanderBolt and I think I'm quite disappointed. Let's first talk about the positives: the landing pages AND the builder both load extremely fast. You can import your own landing pages that you've downloaded (you have to copy/paste into the...
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    Finally, My First Conversion!

    Yep. Not as much as I used to though. I'm kinda bored with AdWords; been doing it for 3 - 4 years now. I have some stuff on Facebook too, but that's pretty autopilot.
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    Finally, My First Conversion!

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    Where should i host my landing pages? shared?Vps?cloud?

    Can you do SSL + custom domain with Rackspace Cloud Files?
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    Do you still use a pen and paper for anything?

    Never heard of Notion, but I checked it out and it looks legit 🔥
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    Newbie, Can you help me with this campaign??

    Offers for PPV traffic need to appeal to a wide audience. Baby products is kind of niche. You should promote something a majority of the population could be interested in... for example a $500 gift card to a popular store in the country you're promoting, or an iPhone lol.