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Recent content by Mr blonde

BrokerCalls at Affiliate Summit West
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    Flipping NBA Top Shot NFTs for Profit

    I registered few days ago on Opensea, bought few NFTs, havent heard about NBA top shot, thx! I see prices are in USD, so I dont need crypto or wallet, right? Simple Credit card I can deposit?
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    Hello! How can I make sure that my Aws account set up is correct? I think I fixed everything correctly but I wanna make sure I didnt make any mistake. I bought a domain, mails forwarded to my private mail box and it works Then I created a certificate in Amazon+Bucket, cloudfront distribution...
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    Hello Everyone! Whereas I will do paid traffic campaigns, I am thinking to start to write a blog. I think I can write 1-2 articles per month at least, that will be a in 2 years a pretty nice content. After that can I monetize it if there is enough traffic? Any advice how to start blogging or If...
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    What affiliate network denied you?

    I am newbie and Clickdealers denied my request cause they need some results and obviously I dont have any. However I got approvedy by Gotzha. Can you recommend me any other "newbie friendly" affiliate networks? Thanks!
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    Guide Tutorial Step-By-Step: how to create and host your landing page, the right way on amazon AWS.

    I receive mail, so email forwrding works, but email validation from Amazon hasnt arrived yet.
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    Guide Tutorial Step-By-Step: how to create and host your landing page, the right way on amazon AWS.

    is there any difference between Private email forwarding and what the video says catch up all email forwarding? Cause in the namecheap after I made the domain I cant see at email forwarding catch up all. Instead I see "in order to set up email forwarding you need to set up private email" or sth...
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    Newbie question about tracker

    @Nick agree?
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    Newbie question about tracker

    was also thinking about Redtrack, but in your course you use Voluum I think I go for it
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    Newbie question about tracker

    Hello guys! Based on Nick Push Up course I will start finally my journey this week. So I have decided to go with Voluum tracker and I think for me the Discover fo 89 would be enough. I was told by costumer service that I should go for Profit subscription for 149 because then I will have a...
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    Hi guys. A bit off topic. So I do sportbetting in Denmark, I have account at more bookies, however I go back to Slovakia for a few months and I want to keep doing betting, but in Slovakia most of the foreign bookies are banned. Whats the solution. Should I use vpn? Or bookies gonna recognize? Thx
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    What do you think? Deberoo

    Hi Would like to ask what do You think about this Colin Dijss program? https://deberoo.com/pricing.html It sounds good, expensive, but You will get tracker and landing page builder as well. Also there is a course and coaching for newbies. I am a newbie so it could make my progress faster I...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Push Ads Sweepstakes Mastery Course

    Hi! Unfortunately I havent won, congrat to winners! I did not know that we can have a course like this. Is it worth to buy anyway? Because I wanna start Push but I have no clue how to start :D. Should I go for it? THX!