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Recent content by Mr blonde

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    Getting a job till become a full time affiliate

    Thanks for super fast respond. Yes I am newbie and to get experience and get some money as well. But the main focus is to be a part of online industry
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    Getting a job till become a full time affiliate

    Hi everyone! Currently I am doing a labour job in Denmark and I am looking for another job. Unfortunately I dont speak Danish so far, therefore my chances are lower to get a good job. I was thinking that will see around among jobs that focus on online marketing. So my question is what should I...
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    I mean I can see campaigns but when I click on Report it says no data available
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    Podcast, youtube

    Hi guys! Because of my job I drive every day 10+hours. So I was thinking in order to gain my productivity I would listen or watch podcasts or Youtube channels or sth like that. Do you know a good one on YouTube for instance? If I write affiliate marketing there are millions of videos and lot of...
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    Step 10 - Analyzing Your PopAds Campaigns using BeMob

    Hi! It says: No data available. Can someone help?
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    Novice questions, how to earn 1000$ per month

    If You invest 900 and get 10% ROI, your revenue would be 990, so profit 90$, or not?
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    Step 8 - Creating Your PopAds Campaign

    BREAKING NEWS! Adam has been created his first affiliate campaign! :D
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    Step 8 - Creating Your PopAds Campaign

    oh I see Pixels... OK,
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    Step 8 - Creating Your PopAds Campaign

    There is no Conversion Tracking, what should I do?
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    Hungry Hungarian from Slovakia!

    Hi Luke! Sorry for late respond. I liked it, however my internet conneection was pretty bad, but I think You will upload it here. Take care!
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    Step 7 - Add our BeMob Postback to MOBIPIUM

    thx Luke! One question. Is it a big problem that I dont know what I am doing? Like I can do it based on Lukes guide but dont know what exactly ecerything means. Is that normal. Hope gonna better by time. THX
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    Step 6 - Setting up MOBIPIUM Push Smartlink Offers in BeMob

    Done! THX! I have chosen 7 PN because there are 7 currently. Is it ok? Also for workspace I did chose master as it was default. Is it ok? THX LUKE and everyone!
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    Step 4 - Setup PopAds in BeMob

    Done! Another step.
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    Step 2 - Create PopAds Account

    Done! Another step closer to my goal 😃