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Recent content by MkRider

  1. MkRider

    Guide "Some Advice (For Beginners) Based On The First Steps I Took To Reach $XX,XXX/mo" - DEADZ

    Hey @DEADZ , thanks for sharing your intro post, and here's a question nobody asked for. "CPA" Pricing Model As "Testing Grounds - Why this strategy for testing? Thanks
  2. MkRider

    FREE Top Converting Landing Pages From Anstrex (Updated Frequently)

    What do you mean between $50-$200? I am getting $600+ payout for crypto. Does this means I am shaved till bone lol?...
  3. MkRider

    Google Ads gb=1 Clicks Not Logging In Tracker

    Just finished testing even with Adding 301 redirect inside c-Panel and gb=1 clicks still not logged Tracking template on Ad level on this account No way you can't use different domain than Final URL on Google Ads, plus Google Ads help articles clearly say you can use redirect in tracking...
  4. MkRider

    Google Ads gb=1 Clicks Not Logging In Tracker

    Hey there,... Beating my head till today, and can't find solution nor someone knows solution to issue i have. Seems I can't manage to track clicks called via parallel tracking which also happen to have gb=1 as indicator (at least says so google help articles). I am using different domain in...
  5. MkRider

    Hello Hello

    Hey there, New here and looking to learn a lot. Was playing till now with all soft of ideas to make money online but never found one to stick to. Looking forward Thanks