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Recent content by machetecoin

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    Follow Along One Offer, Two Landing Page, Four Creative, Push notification, big steps for beginner 😎

    Can you check the IP where the traffic is coming from? I've had a similar issue with traffic coming from Poland with the IPs of and from the ISP Orange Polska Spolka Akcyjna. The weird thing is - the campaign that this bot was targeting wasn't even launched yet.
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    Follow Along selfadvertiser contest - Optimized pop campaign

    I'm experiencing the same glitch you are and the team has been annoyingly quiet about it. At this point, I'm just going to spend my deposit and probably never use them again. Too many other properly functioning traffic sources out there.
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    🔥 October Landing Page Pack from AdPlexity

    Perhaps next month there can be some focus on mobile content / streaming / mobile games carrier subscription?
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    Official Game-Revenue Affiliates - Casino/Sportsbook - RS up to 60%!

    Do you provide any postbacks or tracking that can be used in tools such as Voluum?
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    Streaming Content & Games LP Angle

    I looked through all the LP threads and I couldn't see any discussion about angles for streaming content and games (e.g. a site that offers a bunch of mini games, not just one game). By now, I think we all have a good idea on angles for dating, nutra, sweepstakes, casino, etc. However, I see...
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    Follow Along 10,000 Subscriber Follow Along

    Can you clarify this a little more? Screenshots would help a bunch! I'm trying to set this up in Voluum. Also @Luke , now that you've tried subscribers included in conversions and not included in conversions, which would you suggest? It also looks like you included txid and amount in your...
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    Any Voluum VAs available?

    I didn't want to bother them, but then I realized I have the Profit plan, so this could definitely be something with which they help me. Thanks for the suggestion. I messaged my account manager.
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    Mistakes made by affiliate marketers

    Oh man am I guilty of this. As with any behavior modification, it's good to think of alternative behaviors to replace the bad behavior. I have to remind myself that spying on landing pages, learning to code my own landing pages, working on copy and angle ideas, gathering images/icons to be used...
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    Any Voluum VAs available?

    I tried following the guides to set up custom conversions in Voluum to track subscribers from Monetizer, but I just can't wrap my brain around it. In addition, I keep getting postback errors from Monetizer, most likely related to conversions from back button redirects. Does anyone have any...
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    Popunder Traffic Source Allowing Push Subscriber Collection

    Thanks for this. I'll definitely try running a Monetizer offer with push collection just to see. Worse comes to worst is the campaign gets rejected. This is excellent. I'm looking forward to giving them a try.
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    Popunder Traffic Source Allowing Push Subscriber Collection

    As the title says, any input on a list of popunder traffic sources that will allow us to collect push subscribers (either through Monetizer or our own list in OneSignal)? I know this definitely eliminates PropellerAds, for example.
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    Chasing My Dream [Warning: Maybe a Bit Long]

    Hey there. You can call me Machete (though, no one in real life does... not yet.) While this isn't my first time starting in the affiliate marketing game, I'm committed to making this the last time I start. I'm HUNGRY to make this work and want this more than anything. The main impetus behind...
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    Offer testing techniques

    Thanks, Nick. Your clarification was exactly the aha moment I needed. I've read it other places, but the way you illustrated it made perfect sense and it will now become part of my planning and budgeting phase. Seriously, thanks so much!
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    Follow Along ItsJay24: [ZeroPark X Afflift Contest] Newbie Follow Along!

    This was an excellent and clear follow along. Hopefully we can get an update.
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    Offer testing techniques

    Sorry for digging up old threads, but there was some real gold in this discussion. Could you elaborate on the right time to start optimizing? My thought, for example, is that with a low payout offer, I should pause a site id immediately if it has spent over the payout amount and had no...