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Recent content by jonathanbouchard

  1. jonathanbouchard

    Facebook groups

    Maybe, yes. I was just freestyling :D Here 2 more spontaneous ideas: - Create a short LP about your FB Group and run ads to the LP. - Use Manychat or else to collect Messenger subscribers. Then have an auto-responder set that welcomes them and pushes them to your group
  2. jonathanbouchard

    Facebook groups

    Hi Ronald, the only thing I can think of is running ads to get new group members. The is probably the easiest and most straightforward (or lazy) way. 🙃 But I have zero experience with FB groups. @Luke also runs https://fptraffic.com/ - A tool that helps you grow FB pages. Maybe it can also...
  3. jonathanbouchard

    Restarting again

    Very interesting approach. Looking forward to seeing your progress - and how you’ll build it up to $2k/day 🙌
  4. jonathanbouchard

    Follow Along US Finance CPL - EvaDav

    I run my own lead gen offer as well. Here's how: I set my optin page "aka my offer" as the offer in my tracker. On the "thank you" page, I have the conversion pixel. If you "direct link" to your offer, user will only "visit" your offer page. No clicks will be recorded because no clicks happen...
  5. jonathanbouchard


    Hey @Monetizer - Thanks for your reply. Yes, it helps. Since the traffic for those sites comes from Google Search/SEO, it's not possible to add another landing page in-between. So option 1 (smartlink) would be better, yes. The flow would be like this: Somewhere on our website, we place the...
  6. jonathanbouchard


    Hey Monetizer & co! I'm having a question regarding the Push Subscription. Couldn't find an answer online, so I'm positing it here. Maybe @Monetizer can join here, too :) Question: I have a couple of SEO websites, one of the high-trafficked and branded and we're looking into additional revenue...
  7. jonathanbouchard

    Follow Along My First CC offer. (ClickDealer + Zeropark)

    I know a few marketers who experience the same with Zeropark right now. I just spent $300 over the weekend for 800k+ pops with them. For ca. 20 clicks. What's even worse, now my domains got flagged and I had to buy new domains and change all urls :D Not sure what kind of traffic they sell, but...
  8. jonathanbouchard

    Follow Along US Finance CPL - Advertizer

    Hey @Tonny excellent idea to test your own stuff! I'm a big fan of building things yourself. Some work, most don't. But I found that to be true with affiliate offers just as well. ^^ Looking forward to your FA!
  9. jonathanbouchard

    FB Ad Account Q&A

    Hey AffLIFTers! Anyone experience with FB ad account renting/farming for affiliate marketing? There are tools/services out there that let you farm accounts (or rent existing accounts), but I can't find anyone who ever tried it or can recommend it. Some of the services are even here on the...
  10. jonathanbouchard

    Which Tracker do you think is best?

    I started out with Bemob and I was very happy with it. Their chat support is amazing! I recently switched to Voluum. It's pretty expensive. For some basic features (like drill-down reports), you have to upgrade or pay extra, which I dislike. It's like buying a car, but the wheels are extra. The...
  11. jonathanbouchard

    ATTN EU/UK Marketers - Instantly Add1% Cashback💰 on All Spend + Free Financial Companion with Juni

    Hi Juni! Will users be able to generate real and "unlimited" credit cards for managing multiple FB ad accounts?
  12. jonathanbouchard

    ATTN EU/UK Marketers - Instantly Add1% Cashback💰 on All Spend + Free Financial Companion with Juni

    @Nick, are you german? I'm coming back to Germany for a few months. In case you wanna meet ;)
  13. jonathanbouchard

    Tik tok ads?

    That’s nice (y) Yeah I can imagine a lot of affiliate stuff can be pushed there. Same for Snapchat & co. If you can create videos, showing excited users freaking out about their new iPhone they got for $1 could be worth a try :) do you know how to create videos?
  14. jonathanbouchard

    Tik tok ads?

    Hey @adaanki sounds interesting! Do you use a spy tool or how did you see people running cc submits?
  15. jonathanbouchard

    Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Varun Keskar

    This really is a big one. The best thing you can do is to set up your campaign the best you can. And then walk away hahaha... Otherwise, you check your stats every 5 minutes :D And every time the ad spends 50 cents and no conversion, you go crazy. I still do this some days :D :D :D Thanks for...