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Recent content by Initial9

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    Self hosted tracker questions

    Thank you guys for the suggestions. Appreciate it
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    Self hosted tracker questions

    How do you guys deal with server "maintenance" time for self hosted tracker? For example, every once in a while vultr would do a maintenance for like 4 hours, how do you overcome that? Move to another server or just stop the traffic? If you can only choose 2 geos to put server for self hosted...
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    Need help Keitaro reporting

    Thanks @Luke , maybe i'll just split the cost base on the offer weight
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    Need help Keitaro reporting

    I have other campaign that have multiple landers + offers, all have that blank(non clickers) row, which i don't what offer i should attributed that spent to If i drilldown only by offer, it tells the same story, blank row for people that are not going through the lander from what i know, in...
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    Need help Keitaro reporting

    thanks @Nick the ctr report is good, my problem is the ROI report from what i read, the report tells me that the majority of people that are not clicking through the offer cost me $42 the people that click through to offer 1 cost me $7 and the rev is $9, which is +30% ROI but how do i break...
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    Need help Keitaro reporting

    I've been testing keitaro for a week now, wondering anyone who uses keitaro could shed some light how to read their reporting I have Stream 1: Lander 1 -> 3 offer rotating There is 1 row in the offer column that is blank, i asked the support they said it is because people clicking on the...
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    Guide 🔥 Kintura MEGA Setup Guide 🔥

    Thanks for this amazing guide @Nick anyway, do you know where to find kintura support? I tried email [email protected] a couple times now but never had responses, it's been 5 days I have an account that i want to continue my subscription (i think it's expired in December 2020 but in my...
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    Official Voluum.com - The ultimate affiliate tracking solution

    too bad voluum don't have trial or refund policy I've tested for 2 days and it didn't fit me, wasted the entry-level subscription for the whole upcoming month
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    Official Anstrex: The ONLY native spy tool you will ever need

    Good job...keep us updated Regarding the local ISP to collect data, how do we check them/how accurate they are compare to VPN ? Because sometimes i do check the ads that i found on the spy tool from VPN too Btw, I've used adplexity ,anstrex and spyover before, and all of the data looks same...
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    Complete List of Push Notification Traffic Sources

    Hi, I found that first initial deposit on RTX platform is $500. Anyone experience with this traffic source for push ? because i think $500 is too much for testing Thanks