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  1. FireB@B@

    Hi! I am Kamal

    Hello @agentf mate, i was lurking around here from last one and a half yr lol. But never had courage to introduce myself yet (Introvert). It feels very good to be here. Thanks hey @jimmyvanilla mate, most of time online nowadays can share every bit of knowledge for PPC i have. you can pm me...
  2. FireB@B@

    Hi! I am Kamal

    Hey @all, I am Kamal from India. 5+ yrs of experience with PPC (every type of hat). From starting of this year, i am not sucessful to run campaigns profitably majorly on google ads because of hell of updates with their AI. But with all this experience i have come across with PPP (Patience...
  3. FireB@B@

    [Free BETA] Undetectable.io Browser - Unlimited Browser Profiles, Fast and Secure Marketing Tool

    Nice! would love some case studies for google ads,fb ads and tiktok ads from you guys Thanks in advance.
  4. FireB@B@

    Bing Ads Journey

    Bing`s traffic is inconsistent in matter of quality. If the ads are showing on Own(like Bing.com or Aol.com,etc.) they are high quality.but i recommend you to make seprate camp for both own and operated(like duckduckgo and many more). I hope you are getting my point. Anyways nice result. Bing...
  5. FireB@B@

    Australia Virtual Phone Numbers

    Directsms(dot)com(dot)au may be this can help you.
  6. FireB@B@

    SSL Proxy

    agentf, i want to use this proxy server to serve as VPN
  7. FireB@B@

    SSL Proxy

    yes mate, Proxy Server
  8. FireB@B@

    SSL Proxy

    Need some suggestion how to setup SSLProxy for my business (ads account farm).
  9. FireB@B@

    Case Study How to get $972.72 in a month using Content Lockers and WOM Marketing?

    Hey! Nice Case Study. Will love to read more Thanks!
  10. FireB@B@

    JackySan is missing

    RIP JackySan <3
  11. FireB@B@

    Case Study Сase study on running Pest Control (Pay Per Call) offers through Google call only Ads

    Thanks, for Case Study! Will love more case studies like this @Marketcall
  12. FireB@B@

    Official Meet Keitaro Tracker

    Welcome Keitaro!
  13. FireB@B@

    Official MaxBounty - World leading performance-based CPA network

    Hello, @MaxBounty are you interested in accepting new Affiliates?
  14. FireB@B@

    Need tips to advertise on Taboola

    @servandosilva i have been consuming knowledge from Affilift for some time now. Signed up tracker too.. About landing pages can you please advice me some?
  15. FireB@B@

    Need tips to advertise on Taboola

    Hello, Affilift Members New to native advertising, i am starting my journey with Taboola with my $500 Saving to test AdCombo Offers. Please guide me through as i dont want to loss this amount via Miscalculations (amateur) Thanks in Advance.