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Recent content by f40

  1. f40

    New Tracker Suggestions

    It was a few years ago now, but the issue I had with Adsbridge was when pulling reports. When you had a reasonably high volume pop campaign the system would hang when trying to pull lifetime reports for a campaign.
  2. f40

    New Tracker Suggestions

    Thanks guys for all your help. We have run Voluum & Thrive in the past. We did experience a few issues on one of them, so it will be interesting to test something new. I have also tested Adsbridge and FunnelFlux. FF was awesome, but this tracking install will be for a side project, so i think...
  3. f40

    Traffic source for finance offers

    Loans on PPC is tough, we couldn't get it to back out consistently for us. Not sure about push as we have not tested. Good luck!
  4. f40

    New Tracker Suggestions

    Hey guys, The time has come to test a new tracker. (Not Voluum or Thrive) I am looking for something that has the ability to redirect traffic based on certain rules (I am sure most trackers have this feature) the rules would be things like if outside of US send to offer A, if X ISP send to...
  5. f40

    PeerFly is Shutting Down

    Thanks for the updates everyone. I don't have high hopes of Peerfly been paid out by all the advertisers. Considering Peerfly has shut down they have no motivation to do so. Even at the best of times some advertisers try to get out of paying. Hopefully however they do show some integrity...
  6. f40

    PeerFly is Shutting Down

    We still haven't been paid out. Has anyone else received payments still owing to them?
  7. f40

    What payment option do you prefer and consider to be legit/safe?

    I would avoid Paxum at all costs. A business partner has had massive issues withdrawing a couple of grand from them. They keep asking for more and more and more paperwork from him. At this point it has been well over 12 months and I think we have just written the money off.
  8. f40

    Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific

    I am looking forward to it! Is anyone from here going?
  9. f40

    Get the Latest Winning Campaigns From AdPlexity for Only $1!

    Just a heads up, this report is definitely NSFW.
  10. f40

    RTX Platform

    Has RTX stopped using the {domain} token? Recently I ran a brief pop test and all the domain tracking is passing variables like this: 1s3dlv1.1s3dlv1.rtxsmartmatch.com Which is obviously totally useless when wanting to track domains
  11. f40

    PeerFly is Shutting Down

    Did you end up getting paid? I still have not been paid yet and have a couple of thousand owing. Has everyone else been paid?
  12. f40

    What do you have for your computer monitor?

    I use 3 x 27" Dell Ultrasharp monitors. I have had Dell Ultrasharps for years now, I cant speak highly enough of them. They are a great piece of hardware, and if you ever end up having issues their support is fantastic. Dell will deliver a replacement monitor at the same time they pickup the...
  13. f40

    Pop/PPV networks with keyword (domain) targeting

    There was Rapsio, but they closed a few months ago. AFAIK they are still selling their traffic through Zeropark. They used to broker under ZP source: testaceous-giraffe That could have changed now though.
  14. f40

    Guidelines to picking an offer?

    I would say its best practice to ask your AM for a list of the top performing offers based off revenue. In saying that, I cant think of any of my biggest campaigns this year where the AM brought the offer to me in any way. The AM has helped in other ways. Those being things like: private...
  15. f40

    PeerFly is Shutting Down

    Same. I have about 2.5k pending from last year.